The Best Cafés in Iasi

Coffee | © Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash
Coffee | © Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash
Romania has a whole coffee-drinking culture, with more and more cafés serving speciality coffee. Culture Trip has selected the best spots in Iasi where you can enjoy drinking marvellous coffees prepared by professional baristas in cosy, comfy spaces. And why not savour a great dessert, read a good book or even play a board game whilst sipping your coffee?

Jassyro Coffee Shop

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Serving some of the best java in town, Jassyro Coffee Shop is a place where coffee comes in a variety of forms and marvellous tastes. Espresso, cappuccino, flat white, mochaccino, made in Turkish style or at the French press, flavoured with soya milk or almond milk, drunk while enjoying a delicious cookie – you will want to make this coffee shop a part of your day. Those who love tea will also find delight at Jassyro, where all the drinks are prepared with a lot of care and attention. It’s a place to make friends and fully enjoy your drink.

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Cafeneaua Noastră

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A coffee place with an African design, Cafeneaua Noastră is a cosy spot where you can have your breakfast and relish a tasty coffee. Serving sandwiches, homemade juices and toothsome desserts, the café invites you to stay. The friendly baristas will welcome you with a strong espresso or a flavoured cappuccino and not let you leave without a smile. It’s a fantastic place to go with your friends or family and give yourself a treat.

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Teo’s Cafe

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At Teo’s Cafe, freshly roasted coffee is transformed into wondrous espressos made with Arabica and Robusta beans, served as a treatment for the soul. Teo’s Cafe, which is a perfect place if you are searching for a ‘coffee to go’, prepares its coffee using five different brewing methods, depending on the client’s wish. Black, latte, iced coffee, cappuccino – no matter what you choose, their big cups of coffee will enlighten your day.

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Harmony Cafe Iasi

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With a lovely design that makes you feel cosy and comfy, Harmony Cafe is a superb place to take your coffee or breakfast. You can choose a latte with an exquisite cake or a toasted sandwich accompanied by a fresh juice. What is certain is that you won’t want to leave. And if you decide to stay, books and board games are there to entertain you and your friends while sipping your favourite cup of coffee.

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Mignon Café Bistro

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A wonderful place to take joy in savouring your coffee or having your meal, Mignon Café Bistro is a spot where you can get comfortable and spend quality time with your friends. This café, located in the heart of the city, has a charming atmosphere with a French touch and a pleasant staff, who is there to serve you from your morning breakfast to dinner.

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Taking your coffee at Fika is about taking a break, drinking a flavourful cup of freshly grounded speciality coffee or delicious tea, alone or with friends. With a modern design and a cosy space, Fika is an ideal spot in which to have your morning coffee, listen to good music and enjoy a tasty piece of carrot cake. The laid-back atmosphere and the friendly service make it a great place to slow down from your daily rhythm, order a coffee and relax.

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C House Lounge Café

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A stylish place where you can have not only coffee but also a delicious lunch or a tasty cocktail in the evening, C House Lounge Café serves a variety of coffees, from the classic espresso to flavoured varieties such as Espresso con Panna or Caffe Ginseng. Moreover, they have their own signature hot and frozen blended coffees, which give you plenty of options from which to choose. Hot chocolate and teas are not missing either. Make your choice and take pleasure in every sip.

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Coffee Story

Cafe, Coffee Shop, European, Coffee, Tea , Fast Food, Vegan, Vegetarian

A place to write your own tale with your best-loved coffee, Coffee Story is where you will fall in love with 100% Arabica coffee and a gorgeous homely atmosphere. The café serves fantastic freshly roasted speciality coffee and has a friendly staff. It’s an ideal café to spend beautiful moments with your friends or have a good chat with the baristas about their coffee.

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Prăjitorul din Oz

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At Prăjitorul din Oz, which specialises in espresso and brewed coffee, you can take a tour of the world’s coffees and discover new aromas. You can have a cup on the spot or take it to go; either way, the knowledgeable baristas will prepare it perfectly each time. The smell of their freshly roasted coffee will surely delight your senses, and drinking it will just be heavenly.

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