The 9 Best Breakfast and Brunch Spots in Cluj Napoca

Breakfast in Cluj Napoca | Courtesy of Panemar
Breakfast in Cluj Napoca | Courtesy of Panemar
Photo of Roxana Coman
14 March 2018

John Gunther once said, ‘All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast’. A great breakfast can boost your energy and set you up for the day. With so much to discover each day, you need all the energy you can get! Here’s a list of the best breakfast and brunch places in Cluj Napoca.

Dharma Bistro, Cluj Napoca

Bistro, Romanian
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Coffee time | Courtesy of Dharma Bistro

If you want a traditional breakfast with homemade bread, zacuscă (vegetable spread) and cheese, this is the place. Every dish is prepared with love as the main ingredient. At Dharma, you can always expect a healthy, tasty breakfast served by friendly staff members. If you are planning a group brunch or breakfast, call them a few days in advance and they will prepare the most amazing spread with fresh, traditional ingredients. One thing is certain at Dharma: you will leave with a full belly and a smile on your face.

La Casa, Cluj Napoca

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La Casa Floresti (8)-min
Great pastry | Courtesy of La Casa

One of the best bakeries in town, La Casa has built its reputation on the quality of its ingredients and the mastery of its artisanal pastry chefs. In this cosy little joint, you can enjoy a homemade breakfast of delectable French pastries, or stop by for dessert, or pop in for an Italian-style lunch. Try the delicious Romanian dessert cozonac for breakfast. If you are going for a late morning meal, have the ciorbă Ardelenească – the local traditional soup – or the wonderful tartine with prosciutto and eggplant tartar. Before leaving, buy a loaf of hot baked bread or a savoury pastry to take home.

Da Pino Bistro, Cluj Napoca

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A warm atmosphere inside | Courtesy of Da Pino Bistro

The Italian brunch at Da Pino Bistro makes you feel immediately closer to the Mediterranean. Every product is fresh and seasonal, and the pasta is handmade in the restaurant’s kitchen. For breakfast and brunch, there’s a variety of toasts, cheeses, salamis, olives, meats and all the things you’d expect to find in Milano or Napoli. The staff is equally as passionate about hospitality, and you’ll be welcomed with open arms and warm smiles.

Panemar, Cluj Napoca

Bakery, European, $$$
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Pastries at Panemar | Courtesy of Panemar

Panemar is one of the most popular bakeries in the city and one of the few places where you can get an early breakfast. Their attention to detail and love for bread can be felt and tasted in every product. They bake a great variety of pastries, as well as delicious cozonac (sweet leavened bread) every morning. For those who prefer a salty breakfast (or a healthier one) they also offer sandwiches and salads. You choose the type of bread you prefer and they will take care of the rest.

Bujole, Cluj-Napoca

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Get cosy at Bujole
Get cosy at Bujole | Courtesy of Bujole Restaurant

Located in the heart of the city, Bujole is the ideal choice for French cuisine lovers and one of the best restaurants in Cluj. At Bujole, you can enjoy your morning meal in a relaxed atmosphere. Try the exquisite pain perdu, a French classic. There’s something for all tastes – hummus duo with vegetables, hot sandwiches with ham, eggs and cheese and omelettes. At Bujole, you will feel like you are at someone’s house having breakfast with family and friends.

Zama Bistro, Cluj Napoca

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Zama is a traditional Romanian restaurant, known for its savoury soups. However, if you are going for breakfast, the zacuscă and eggplant salad should not be missed. For brunch, share a classy platter full of cold stewed vegetables, eggplant with roasted bell peppers, smoked meats and Romanian cheeses. Add a sweet finish to your meal with the traditional papanasi and delight your taste buds. But be warned, these dishes are addictive.

ROOTS Urban Tastery, Cluj Napoca

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ROOTS is the perfect place to start your day with a great coffee and a tasty breakfast. Rather intimate and small, this cafe has a long bar to perch at, and the friendly staff will not say no to a morning chat. When it comes to eating, options include, poached eggs with avocado cream and trout, hummus, tomato coulis and avocado, smoked salmon sandwiches, croissants and pancakes. All options are served with flavoured coffee to get you functioning at optimum capacity. Whenever you need something to refuel or want to take a break during the day, just head back to ROOTS.

Olivo Caffe and Bistro, Cluj Napoca

Cafe, Romanian, $$$
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Coffee at Olivo Cafe, Cluj Napoca | © Cristian Bortes / Flickr

Just a short stroll from the central square, Olivo is all about heavenly coffee for coffee addicts. The breakfasts are great too – think eggs with baked ham, omelettes served with ham, traditional paine in ou and lots of delicious pastries. You can enjoy your meal on one of their cosy armchairs or take your energy boost ‘to-go’ with The Daily Cup.

Website Bistro, Cluj Napoca

Bistro, Romanian, $$$
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Located in one of the newest buildings in the city, Website Bistro offers an ‘all inclusive’ buffet-style breakfast, catering to both salty and sweet breakfast tastes. Their delicious omelettes are made with mushrooms, peppers, onions, sausages, cheeses, ham and tomatoes, (there’s a vegetarian option available as well). For a lighter breakfast, opt for their tasty yoghurt and cereals. And as every good day starts with a coffee, your morning drink will be a treat. The paine in ou, a traditional breakfast recipe, comes highly recommended.

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