The 12 Best Things to See and Do in Brasov

Brasov © LoiRo17 / Pixabay
Brasov © LoiRo17 / Pixabay
Photo of Roxana Coman
16 November 2017

In the heart of Romania, laying at the Carpathians’ foot, Brașov is a marvellous city, where culture lovers, nature lovers and thrill-seekers alike can spend an amazing time. By day or night, Brașov is just mesmerizing, one place surely not-to-be-missed during your next trip to Romania.

Discover Brașov’s Old Citadel

What is extraordinary in Brașov is that even today, the walls and towers of the old fortress rise majestically, unaltered by time’s passing. Some of the monumental towers and bastions have been converted into museums, like the Graft Bastion, displaying the exhibition ‘The Craftsman from Brașov – Defenders of the Citadel’ or the Weaver’s Bastion, where you can admire a miniature of Brașov. Other towers like the Black Tower and the White Tower are not only hosting exhibitions but are also perfect spots for photography passionates, from where beautiful views over Brașov can be captured.

Overview of Brasov I | © Dennis Jarvis / Flickr

Re-Live Your Childhood in the Toys’ Museum

And yes, in Brașov you can find a Toys’ Museum, displaying the little treasures of Romanians’ childhood. You will find puppets dressed in traditional clothes, Dacia cars in miniature and plush toys. Characters like Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse or Snow White and her dwarfs are not to be missed either, reminding you of the times when you were watching cartoons or listening to your mum’s stories all day long.

Old Toys | © Snelli / Pixabay

Go to an Organ Concert in the Black Church

The Black Church is one of the landmarks of Brașov, together with the Council’s Square, placed next to it. Built in the late 14th to late 15th-century, the gothic monument is the biggest church between Wien and Istanbul. Inside, you can discover the biggest collection of oriental tapestry in Europe and the magnificent Bucholz Organ. In summer, organ concerts are organized every week and the ambience is just mesmerizing.

Black Church, Brasov | © Dennis Jarvis / Flickr

Take Part in the Junii Celebration

Junii Brașovului is a local celebration held on the first Sunday after Easter. Junii are young people who lived in the Schei neighbourhood, in a time when the Romanians were not allowed to dwell inside Brașov’s citadel. The festival re-enacts the Junii descending from the mountains, and entering the city on their horses, wearing traditional clothes and carrying batons, sceptres and flags.

Junii Brasovului | © Photosebia / Shutterstock

Enjoy a Cable Car Ride to Tampa Hill

Tampa Hill is rising grandiosely in the southern part of the city, being among the natural wonders that envelope Brașov. You can take the cable car and go up, next to the Hollywood-like sign of Brașov. Allow yourself to feel like a star and capture some awe-inspiring views of the city and its surroundings.

Have a Coffee and Buy a Souvenir at the Rope Street Museum

To get to the Rope Street Museum, you’ll have to cross the narrowest street in Europe first, the Rope Street. At the end, you’ll find a small, lovely museum filled with artworks of the local artists, photos of the hidden corners of Brașov and handmade souvenirs. If you want to have an authentic reminder of your visit to Brașov, this is the place to buy it. Added to that, you can be served lovely cupcakes and warm teas and coffees inside the museum.

Rope Street, Brasov | © / Flickr

Capture the City by Night from the Cetățuia Brașovului

Perched on the Dealul Cetății, Cetățuia Brașovului is a fortress built strategically both as a defence and observation point over the city. The stronghold can be visited every day and during the evening, is beautifully illuminated. From up there, lovely views of the city appear in front of your eyes and for the romantics, this is a must-do in Brasov.

Cetățuia Brașovului | © Dennis Jarvis / Flickr

Discover Romanian Art in the Arts Museum

Housed in an impressive Renaissance building, the Arts Museum exhibits artworks representative for the evolution of Transylvanian painting between the 18th and 19th centuries and the Romanian art of 19th and the post-war period. The local artists have also a place in the museum, as cultural ambassadors of their region. Temporary themed exhibitions bring forward significative personalities of Romanian art, contemporary art and also the art of Communism. A place for all the art lovers out there.

Visit the First Romanian School

Brașov is the city where the first lessons in Romanian were given. Today, the ‘First Romanian School’ Museum is showcasing a traditional classroom, collections of manuscripts and documents of the first Romanian writings. The cultural richness of the region is exhibited through traditional costumes, painted icons and sculptures of people that shaped Romanian history.

Eat a Traditional Lunch at La Ceaun Restaurant

A meal at La Ceaun is like eating at your Romanian friend’s grandma’s. The hearty meals are delicious, the waiters ready to advise you and the ambience makes you feel relaxed and cosy. Their menu features sarmale, cabbage rolls stuffed with rice and meat, Goulash, a Hungarian beef stew, lamb stew, cauldron chicken with polenta and garlic sauce, and potatoes soup with ham. A meal to make you fall in love with Romanian food.

Sarmale cu mămăligă | © Alex Curpas / Flickr

Test Your Limits at Aventura Park

For the thrill-seekers, there is one place not-to-be-missed in Brasov: the Aventura Park, the biggest adventure park in Eastern Europe. You can choose from 15 routes that will test your physical strength, balance and courage. However, if you are in for the really high-adrenaline part, choose the black route that takes you on a circuit at 20-meters (65-feet) high. As an extra challenge, you can cross above a lake taking the zip-line or climb a 16-meters (52-feet) ladder and then jump from it. Are you ready for the adventure?

Zip-line adventure | © NOWAYNOSELF / Pixabay

In Winter, Ski and Snowboard in Poiana Brașov

At just half an hour from the city, by car or bus, lays the winter resort of Poiana Brasov. Winter sports passionates are lured every year by the impressive 20-kilometre (12.4-mile) slopes of the Postăvaru Mountain. For the little ones, a sleigh and a snow tubing slope are available. If you are not a ski or snowboarding passionate, you can take the cable car up to Postavaru Peak at 1,724-meters (5,656-feet) and take in plenty of amazing views of the area or enjoy a mulled wine cup and a kurtoskalacs, a cone-shaped roasted pastry made from sweet dough, rolled in sugar or nut powder, in the local restaurants.

Cable Car Ride to Postavarul Peak | © Gabriel / Flickr

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