Spectacular Places to Cycle in Romania

Romanian landscape | © Catalin Serban / Unsplash
Romanian landscape | © Catalin Serban / Unsplash
From the spectacular cycling routes of the Carpathian Mountains, to the wildlife rich paths of the Danube Delta, Romania is full of possibilities. Discover Romania’s stunning natural diversity and cultural attractions via these spectacular bike tours.

Saxon villages and fortified churches

There is much more to Transylvania than the legend of Count Dracula and its major urban centres. Village life taking place around the pastel houses with big, arched wooden gates and the region’s beautiful nature are but some of its major draws. This 63-kilometre biking route starts in Criș village, whose major attraction Bethlen Castle can be visited, passes though Daneș, Seleuș and Dumbrăveni before reaching Biertan, site of one of the most spectacular fortified churches in Transylvania.

Piatra Craiului

With its sharp peaks surrounded in clouds, the Piatra Craiului Massif offers stunning views. Start your round trip at Fântâna lui Botorog, continue to Prăpăstiile Zărneștilor – via Cheia Pisicii, a section that will test your cycling skills. Then head on to Sat Peștera and Dealul Munteanului before arriving back at Fântâna lui Botorog. While the route is not a difficult one, do bring a hammock along for an impromptu nap.

Transylvania Epic Bike Ride

If you want to ride your bike with friends through picturesque villages and spectacular nature while testing your endurance without having to worry about planning, Transylvania Epic Bike Ride is a great option. The route stretches 325 kilometres and combines easy sections with more challenging but spectacular ones that are not usually easily accessible, as well as visits to 15 major tourist attractions. While you are required to bring your own bike, food and accommodation are provided by the organisers.

Dealu Mare vineyards

This one-day cycling trip through the vineyards of the Dealu mare region is perfect in autumn, when the weather is mellow but still sunny and the grapes are ready to be harvested. The route is ideal for beginners and children and includes hearty meals and wine tastings. Start off in Ploieşti, continue to Plopu Vărbila and end up in Urlaţi.

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Delta Dunarii

This route in the spectacular Danube Delta starts off in Periprava, via Letea forest, C.A. Rosetti, Sulina and ends up in Sfântu Gheorghe. Nature here is at its wildest and seafood at its freshest. No cars are allowed in the delta, so the only sound you will hear will be that of silence, interrupted by bird chirps and buzzing of insects.

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Around Cluj-Napoca

This day trip starts and ends in Cluj-Napoca and will take you to Sic, Bonţida and Răscruci. This 80-kilometre route makes up in tourist and cultural attractions what it perhaps lacks in natural wonders. Bring food along for a picnic at the spectacular Bonţida Castle, the site of popular music festival Electric Castle.

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