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Romania's 10 Best Art and Culture Events in Summer 2014
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Romania's 10 Best Art and Culture Events in Summer 2014

Picture of Diana Condrea
Updated: 9 February 2017
Romania’s cultural calendar is filled with great summer events spread all around the country, from the sands of the Danube Delta to green mountain villages, from Bucharest to Transylvanian cities. Film and theatre festivals, jazz concerts and even a medieval festival all mix to create a perfect summer for discovering Romania’s vibrant cultural scene.

Film | Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF)

30 May – 8 June

The first international film festival in Romania, TIFF has become one of Romania’s top cultural events since its inception 13 years ago. The event has launched some of Romania’s contemporary cinematographic successes, such as California Dreamin, 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days, The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceauşescu and Loverboy. Aspiring to promote the ’most important films of the moment that feature both originality and independence of expression’, the festival is held annually in beautiful Cluj-Napoca, central Romania; the 2013 edition gathered over 62,000 spectators at its 400 screenings.

15 different locations in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, +40 213 266 480

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Music | Bucharest Music Film Festival

20 – 29 June

Now in its 9th edition, the Bucharest Music Film Festival brings classical music to the street, in one of the capital’s central squares, close to the landmarks of its iconic Victoriei Avenue. Conceived as a free-entrance event, this summer festival brings to the public top performers such as the Mercury Quartet, the Radio National Orchestra, the George Enescu Philharmonic, Bucharest Jazz Orchestra, Spirit of Vienna, the Simphactory Orchestra, the Romanian Radio Brass Quintet or the Klasicvm Ensemble, alongside renowned conductors like Tiberiu Soare, George Natsis, Willy Büchler or Gabriel Bebeselea.

George Enescu Square, Bucharest, Romania, +40 21 319 2690

Film | Pelicam Film Festival

13 – 15 June

For those with a keen interest in nature and its protection, Pelicam Film Festival is no doubt an excellent choice to explore some of the best documentaries on environment and people of the moment. Organised for the third year in Romania at a time when ‘the desire to observe nature, landscapes, other people, other customs, other countries and to relate to our environment has never been so pronounced’, Pelicam is the only environmental film festival in the country and one of the 22 members of the Green Film Network. This year’s screenings include Dusk (directed by Valentyn Vasyanovych), Pipeline (directed by Vitaly Mansky) and Flying Away (directed by Simeon Tsonchev) among the many features, documentaries and short-films of this must-see event.

4 locations, Tulcea, Romania

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Music | Bucharest Jazz Festival

2 – 6 July

An open-air event that fills Bucharest’s summer nights with the unmistakable sounds of jazz, this festival is one of the capital’s main cultural attractions of the season. Organised in a symbolic location named after the great Romanian composer George Enescu, in front of the Athenaeum and right across from the National Museum of Art, Bucharest Jazz Festival is the perfect event to end a day visit in Bucharest. This year’s performers include Alex Simu Quartet, Ana Cristina Leonte, Carmen Lundi, Lee Konitz and John Scofield among many other talented artists.

George Enescu Square, Bucharest, Romania, +40 21 319 2690

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Music, film and theatre | FanFest

11 – 17 August

FanFest is a unique event in Romania’s cultural calendar. Defining itself as a festival of culture and ecology, FanFest is inextricably connected to the story of its location, Rosia Montana, a mountain village with one of the largest gold deposits in the world. Now in its 9th edition, the festival is the symbol of an unprecedented civic fight with large street protests against the exploitation of this resource that would have disastrous consequences on the surrounding environment and communities. Thousands of visitors take part each year in Fan Fest’s celebration of nature and cultural heritage, the six days of this summer event featuring a fabulous mix of concerts, theatre spectacles, film projections and exhibition.

Rosia Montana, Alba, Romania

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Music | ARTMania Festival

7 – 9 August

ARTMania Festival is a treat for those who enjoy rock festivals with a twist of visual arts exhibitions in parallel. Held in one of the most visited and appreciated Romanian cities, Sibiu, the festival is a top musical event in Romania and definitely unmissable for fans of legendary musician Peter Hammill or bands like Tides from Nebula, 65daysofstatic, EF or Therion. As a special feature, from this year on, Romanian bands will compete online for a place on the stage of ARTMania Festival, now in its 9th edition in Sibiu.

Sibiu, Romania, +40 314 379 123

Sighisoara Medieval Festival
Sighisoara Medieval Festival | Courtesy of Asociatia Turistica Sighisoara
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Culture | Sighisoara Medieval Festival

25 – 26 July

Organised in one of the oldest and most beautiful inhabited medieval cities in Europe, Sighisoara, the Sighisoara Medieval Festival is one of the highlights of this historical space, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Always taking place in the last weekend of July, this year for the 22nd time, this medieval festival gathers every time tens of thousands of visitors on its narrow and colourful street to assist at its multitude of theatre, dance and music spectacles, not to mention its medieval themed performances, from knight tournaments to which hunts. Be sure to book rooms in advance if you decide to go, this event is extremely popular for both Romanian and foreign tourists.

Sighisoara, Mures, Romania

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Film | Anonimul International Film Festival

11 – 17 August

Organised in a fishing village in one of Romania’s most beautiful natural areas, the Danube Delta, Anonimul is an international film festival now in its 11th edition, and not to be missed for those interested in seeing independent films in unconventional locations. Presenting participant movies on a giant screen on the beach, the festival holds competitions for three categories: feature films, short fiction and short animation films. In 2013, the most important award went to the Russian film The Major directed by Yuri Bykov, Tarazoo/Scale winning the public award for the best animation while the Romanian short film Tuns, ras si frezat won the award for best fiction.

Sfantu Gheorghe, Danube Delta, Romania, +40 212 301 693

Theatre | Sibiu International Theatre Festival

6 – 15 June

Now in its 21st edition, the Sibiu International Theatre Festival is the most important event of this kind in Romania and the third largest in Europe, opening ‘a window to humanity in its most vibrant form’. Organised in medieval Sibiu, one of the most inspiring towns in Romania and the European Capital of Culture in 2007, this year’s edition features 350 spectacles with the participation of over 2,500 international artists. Besides theatre performances, the festival also includes dance, music and circus show, book and art exhibitions as well as cultural workshops.

66 locations, Sibiu, Romania, +40 269 210 092

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Food | Trout Festival Ciocanesti


The Trout Festival from Ciocanesti is one of the best occasions to take a culinary trip in one of the most scenic communities of Bucovina, a region in North-eastern Romania famous for its painted monasteries, UNESCO Heritage Sites and delicious food. The festival takes place in a mountain village, Ciocanesti, with a rich ethnographic heritage, in fact the whole village has a museum status that makes a visit here a wonderful cultural discovery. The fresh trout, caught from the very river that crosses the village, is the main attraction of the festival, alongside folklore and even water crossing on traditional rafts, once the main source of transportation used to carry goods in this mountainous area.

Ciocanesti, Suceava, Romania

By Diana Condrea

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