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Decebal's statue carved on the Danube bank | © Janos Korom Dr. / Flickr
Decebal's statue carved on the Danube bank | © Janos Korom Dr. / Flickr
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15 Fascinating Facts About Romania

Picture of Roxana Coman
Updated: 17 November 2017
A country of captivating stories, unique sites, beautiful scenery and amazing personalities, Romania is a surprising land. From the best-preserved delta in Europe to the largest outdoor museum, the country is brimming with natural, architectural and artistic treasures. Here are 15 fascinating facts about Romania.

It boasts the tallest wooden church in Europe

In a small village north of Romania, an array of old churches have been carved in wood by the people from Maramureș. In the region, there is a whole competition around the marvellous wooden churches, some of them inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list as secular expressions of the region’s architecture. In Săpânța-Peri, a 78-meter (255-feet) church raises majestically to the skies, and is allegedly the tallest wooden church in Europe.