12 Romanian Fashion Bloggers You Have to Follow

Fashion|© STIL/Unsplash
Fashion|© STIL/Unsplash
From the stylish duo courted by Vogue to the fashion editor who asks the most provocative questions about style, here are 12 Romanian fashion bloggers to follow.

Fabulous Muses

Arguably the best known Romanian fashion bloggers, cheeky duo Alina Tanasă and Diana Enciu, known as the Fabulous Muses, are common fixtures on the front row of fashion shows in Milan, Paris and beyond.

Ana Morodan

A fashion blogger and TV show host, Ana Morodan is a born show-woman, but one that works hard to achieve every success.

Maurice Munteanu

Stylist and fashion editor Maurice Munteanu knows a thing or two about style and will inspire you to seek your own by using every medium available, be it imagery, words or music.

Alina Ceușan

Posing with the same ease at the Romanian seaside, in Milan or in Hong Kong, Alina Ceușan finds her inspiration in music, travels and quotes.

Silvia Cristescu

After she majored in art history, Silvia Cristescu realised she would make better use of her creativity while working as a stylist. She draws inspiration from the effortless style of Parisians, Nordic minimalism and edgy cities like Berlin.

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Dana Rogoz

TV personality turned fashion blogger Dana Rogoz is a famous face for many Romanians. An actress since the age of four, she is even more famous now for her edgy, tomboyish style.

Emanuel Iuhas

Freelance stylist Emanuel Iuhas discovered his passion for fashion while studying in Cluj-Napoca. He later moved to Bucharest, where he found the perfect environment to channel his creativity.

Noemi Meilman

Noemi Meilman has the most unusual past a fashion blogger could have: born in Brăila, she ended up training in the Israeli army and later worked as a diplomat. Now based in Bucharest, she keeps busy via a host of creative activities.


Count on Imalinz for some original, stylish photos in the most suggestive locations, from Monaco to her bathtub.


Ștefania’s blog, Stephanine, is full of advice, tips and tricks, from fashion to traveling to movies.

Ioana Grama

After it started as a game, Ioana Grama’s fashion blog grew into one of the most influential blogs in Romania. Cultivating a chic yet effortless style, she inspires many with her outfits captured against the most stunning backdrops.

Vintage Traffic

By far the quirkiest presence on the list, Georgiana Boboc started her blog Vintage Traffic five years ago while studying in Paris. Fast forward to today, she has a fashion collar under her belt as well as thousands of international followers.