10 Wines You Must Try in Romania

© Photo-Mix / Pixabay
© Photo-Mix / Pixabay
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7 December 2017

Romania may not be the first country that comes to one’s mind when thinking about wine. However, the country has a millennial wine history, going back to the Romanians’ ancestors, the Dacians and the Romans. Occupying the same latitudes as France’s main wine regions, Romania has great soil and climate conditions for grape growing. Holding the sixth place in Europe for wine production, the country boasts some great wines, mainly white wines, made from local grape varieties. These are some Romanian wines that you should definitely try.

Tămâioasă Românească (white wine)

Made from a grape variety belonging to the Merlot family, the Tămâioasă Românească can be found as a sweet, semi-sweet or dry wine. Usually containing a high quantity of natural sugar, the wine is floral and grapey, and the semi-sweet ones have aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg and roses, as well as a stimulating acidity. The dry wine can be served as an appetizer, with salads or spicy Asian specialities, while the sweet one is recommended with desserts.

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Fetească Albă (white wine)

Prepared from the Romanian grape variety Fetească Alba, which is widespread all over the Romanian vineyards, this white wine stands out due to its flavour and balance. A Fetească Alba can be a fresh white dry wine as well as a semi-dry or semi-sweet, having a honeycomb aroma. Great if you love a fruity invigorating wine to accompany your white meat or fish dishes. Try it, and you just might want to return home with a bottle.

Crâmpoșie Selecționată (white wine)

Yet another white wine made from a local grape variety, Crâmpoșie Selecționată is a balanced white dry wine, with apple, pears, citrus and exotic fruit aromas alongside mineral notes. A glass of Crâmpoșie Selecționată can be served as an appetizer or during the meal. Mainly cultivated in the Drăgășani Vineyard, in the Oltenia region, the Crâmpoșenie Selecționată cannot be missing from your wine-tasting list.

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Negru de Drăgășani (red wine)

A red wine made from grapes with juicy pulp and a full-flavoured taste, the Negru de Drăgășani is prepared from a local grape varietal. The wine has dense aromas of fruits like blueberries, blackberries and black cherries, enlivened with brown spices. Having a fresh texture, it can be served with fresh cheese, smoked ham or pork ribs.

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Fetească Neagră (red wine)

A strongly appreciated wine made from one of the oldest and most valuable grape varieties in the country, the Fetească Neagră is a top Romanian red wine. A spicy wine with a good tannin structure, it features aromas of blackberries, plums or black cherries. Having a good acidity and a full body, it can be served with roast beef, lamb, pasta, ratatouille or even with dark chocolate desserts like mousse or lava cake.

Fetească Regală (white wine)

Being among the most popular grapes in the country, the Fetească Regală variety is a mix of Fetească Albă with Grasă de Cotnari varietals. A wine with intense flavours and a complex bouquet, it can be associated with poultry, pasta, fish or seafood. Its green apple and tropical fruit aromas make it a great drink for those who like dry and semi-dry white wines.

Busuioască de Bohotin (rosé wine)

Originally from the Moldova region, the Busuioacă de Bohotin is prepared from a local varietal, being similar to the Tămâioasă Românească varietal. The wine has a rose petal flavour, as well as basil, honey and strawberry aromas. It can be consumed as a semi-sweet or semi-dry wine and is a great choice for rosé wine lovers.

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Grasă de Cotnari (white wine)

A wine with a greenish colour when young and a golden-yellow colour after ageing, the Grasă de Cotnari is mainly a sweet wine, but can also be found as dry and semi-dry wine. From grapes cultivated in the Cotnari Vineyard, the Grasă de Cotnari dry wines have apple, apricot and peach aromas, while the sweet ones taste like honey and almonds. They are great in combination with refined desserts.

Frâncușă (white wine)

Another wine produced in the Cotnari Vineyards, Frâncușă is a dry white wine with floral and fruity notes and a special softness. Matching fish, poultry and seafood dishes, the Frâncușă is an extraordinarily refreshing wine.

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Băbească Neagră (red wine)

A red wine made from a Romanian varietal of grapes, Băbească Neagră wine is a less popular, yet still great Romanian wine. Made from a common varietal, the wine has a ruby colour and a light body, medium to high fruitiness with high acidity and almost imperceptible tannins. A cup of Băbească Neagră can exhibit the aroma of sour cherries and prunes, as well as floral tones of irises and violets.

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