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Cocktails at Fix Me a Drink, Courtesy of Fix
Cocktails at Fix Me a Drink, Courtesy of Fix
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10 Bars in Bucharest That Locals Love

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Updated: 13 January 2018
If there’s an ideal place to meet the locals and discover the spirit of Bucharest, that place must be one of the city’s many bars. Whether you go for the drinks or for the vibe, you will find yourself in a winning situation. Here are just 10 of the Bucharest bars that locals love to come back to for a glass and a chat, from the Old Center hotspots to the craft beer bar and wine bar everyone is talking about.
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Without exaggeration, the bar on Control’s terrace and the surrounding two square meters are one of the city’s major hotspots. On weekends, but especially on Tuesdays when drinks are half-price, the place gets crowded and buzzing. Step in and you’ll feel like you’re temporarily in the epicentre of Bucharest, where your next exciting conversation could be simply one glance away and a great live concert just two doors down.

Control Club, Strada Constantin Mille 4, București, Romania, +40 733 927 861

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Beat Bar Umanist

Hosted by a villa from the interwar period in one of Bucharest’s old and charming central neighbourhoods and just steps away from the University of Bucharest, Beat Bar Umanist keeps alive the spirit of the Beat Generation. Essentially a jazz bar, here you can grab a table and read a book while being as inconspicuous as you like for hours on end, attend a poetry evening or a play. Or, if dropping by for one of their funk, soul and blues parties, or the Friday night’s swing extravaganza, just party the night away. At the bar you’ll find homemade drinks, such as shots and their signature cocktail, ‘the colour of pomegranate’, natural ginger beer made in Brașov and more.

Beat Bar Umanist, Strada Vasile Lascăr 29, București, Romania, +40 748 110 388

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At FIX, you’ll find the chilled vibe that typically inhabits an open space with large windows decorated in minimalistic industrial style and a touch of green. Unless you happen to chance on a party. Then, you’ll have to find your way through crowds of dancing bodies to the bar to grab one of their famous cocktails. Crafted after original recipes, using local and seasonal ingredients including wild herbs, they are constantly rated among the best in Bucharest.

FIX, Palatul Universul, Etaj 1, Strada Ion Brezoianu 23, București, Romania, +40 771 707 869

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The Urbanist

Located in the Old Centre, Bucharest’s party district, The Urbanist has great drinks, cultivates a cool and relaxed vibe, and offers a charming street terrace, best enjoyed in summer. As it doubles as a trainers-and-denim shop, it attracts the hippest crowds, making it a great spot to catch up with the latest trends emerging in the city. On weekends it hosts DJ sets, turning it into a great place to kick off your night in the city.

The Urbanist, Strada Căldărari 3, București, Romania

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Fabrica de Bere Bună

Fabrica de Bere Bună must be the best place there is in Bucharest to sample the most exciting local craft beers Romania’s capital has to offer. Easily reachable on Calea Victoriei, one of Bucharest’s main arteries, it was set up by the owners of craft beer brand Zăganu. Here you can find 10 beers on tap and dozens of others bottled. Do not let yourself by fooled by the seemingly small size of the place, as its top floor is just what you need when going out with a group.

Fabrica de Bere Bună, Calea Victoriei 91, 93, București, Romania, + 40 770 550 234

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Apollo 111

Located in the same building as FIX, Palatul Universul, a beautifully-restored emblematic building in the heart of Bucharest, Apollo 111 is one of the coolest basements in the city. Enveloped by the charming and subtle light of a giant moon, the space can be intimate, but it best fulfils its potential when crammed with partygoers at the weekend. A theatre by design, it hosts plays regularly in a nearby venue, and concerts by alternative Romanian bands.

Apollo 111, Strada Actor Ion Brezoianu nr. 23–25, Palatul Universul, Corp B, subsol, Strada Actor Ion Brezoianu, București, Romania, +40 726 185 812

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Nomad Sky Bar

Located in the Old Center, Nomad Sky Bar is among the best rooftops in Bucharest. Its charming and dreamy design, the airy setting and the size make it a great place to have a few drinks and a plate of great food before a night out in the city. Unless it’s one of those nights when they have a DJ playing, and the intimate venue lights up turning the place from a warm-up stop to one where you can party until sunrise. Apart from your classic selection of cocktails, do not miss the chance to sample a few moonshine-based concoctions their expert bartenders can fix for you.

Nomad Sky Bar, Etaj 1, Strada Smârdan 30, București, Romania, + 40 735 448 080

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Interbelic cocktails are among the most famous in Bucharest, and so are the bar’s powers to transform your Friday and Saturday nights into the most exciting ones of the week. That is why Interbelic, an establishment whose name echoes the interwar period, considered the most glorious in the life of the city, is always a sure bet. You’ll always find here the party vibe the Old Town is famous for, fuelled all night long by upbeat music and great drinks.

Interbelic, Calea Victoriei 17, București, Romania, +40 723 693 526

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Linea / Closer to the Moon

Linea / Closer to the Moon is one of the best places to see Bucharest from above while sipping an amazing cocktail. A hit with the locals in spring and on hot and heavy summer evenings, it has found a way to keep its guests closer to the moon even on late autumn and winter evenings. Under wind- and cold-proof pods that look like giant bubbles, you’ll be able to experience the same vibe and excellent drinks, while feeling like you’re in a space station.

Linea / Closer to the Moon, Strada Lipscani 17, București, Romania, +40 757 824 298

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Tasting Room by Ethic Wine

Located in the up-and-coming neighbourhood of Floreasca, Tasting Room by Ethic Wine is among the best places in Bucharest to start your exploration of Romanian wines. With a cosy interior, and serving delicious food made with local and seasonal ingredients, it attracts Bucharest’s bon vivants who gather around the wine bar’s 800 wine labels for very animated evenings.

Ethic Wine, Strada Banul Antonache 55, București, Romania, +40 728 444 600

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