A Guide to Lisbon's Hottest DJs

DJ Music © musicoomph.com
DJ Music © musicoomph.com
Home to the annual Super Bock Super Rock and biennial Rock in Rio, Lisboa, the city attracts many music-loving tourists, every summer to hear the latest beats under the warm Lisbon sun. The clubs are full each weekend night, from Parque das Nações to Santa Apolónia and as far as Alcântara. Here is a list spotlighting some of Lisbon’s top DJs, so you can keep an eye (and ear) out the next time you’re visiting, or try to find them playing at an event closer to you.


One of the top names to come out of Lisbon is Loudon Kleer, also known by his alias A.Paul, a DJ and music producer with over 20 years of experience, who has been voted as the best Portuguese DJ several times during his career. Today, he is at the top of the electronic music world as the founder and owner of Naked Lunch Records, Onh.Cet Records, Squeeze Records, Parallel 125, and Dirty Ego. Having produced over 100 vinyl records and a handful of mixed collections, Loudon Kleer (or A. Paul, whichever you prefer) hasn’t stopped since the late 1980s and doesn’t seem to be showing signs of slowing down anytime soon.


DJ Kura, whose full name is Rúben de Almeida, has been spinning electro house music since 2005 when he was a local DJ just outside the capital. Since then he has been invited as a resident DJ at a few local clubs including Bahaus (which has closed), Kapital, and Tamariz Beach Club in Estoril. Kura is also known internationally, a feat he achieved after releasing his track Brazil and he has worked with a few record labels including Hardwells, Revealed Recordings, Flashover Recordings, and Tiger Records, in addition to the agency WDB Management.

DJ Xangaii

Mostly known for this work in Paranormal Attack, a psy-trance-heavy group composed of a few musicians, DJ Xangaii is another adored name in the dance club scene. He has played at Brazil‘s Planeta Atlântida Festival as well as other international festivals and clubs, and works with different sounds like hip-hop, pop, and rock in addition to his signature psychedelic tunes. His big break with Paranormal Attack came in 2005 with the release of their debut album Phenomenon.


Another Lisboeta on this list, Magillian is a techno/house-inspired DJ, as well as the owner of Hush Recordz and Musica Gourmet A&R. His sound is an eclectic mix of many genres and in addition to playing at the top clubs in the country, he is usually invited to play internationally in hot spots like Ibiza, South Africa and China. Around Lisbon, Magillian plays fairly regularly at Bar do Cais near Cais do Sodré.

DJ Marfox

Who loves dancing to sexy kizomba or electrically-charged kuduro? Born in Lisbon, DJ Marfox (whose real name is Marlon Silva) stems from African descent, his parents hailing from São Tomé and Príncipe island, and his ancestry has inspired his music, which is a combination of house and techno with African sounds. He plays at a few of the hottest clubs in Lisbon, like MusicBox, but gained popularity for his project The Ghetto Sounds of Lisbon. He has been DJing since 2002 and his first record called Eu Sei Quem Sou (I Know Who I Am) was produced in 2011.


Bruno Cardoso, also known as DJ Xinobi, considers himself a “grown-up kid”. His first album, 1975, was released in 2014 and spotlights surf guitar music, deep house, disco, and pop. He travels around the world, and will be at Bali’s Ku De Ta, but returns occasionally to Europe and in particular to Lisbon.