The Best Golf Courses in the Algarve

Golf | Pixabay
Golf | Pixabay
Photo of Nina Santos
30 July 2017

A vacation or stay in the Algarve is an excellent reason to practice your golf game, and the year-round sun paired with an excellent climate makes this region a fantastic destination for golfers. From the east coast to the west, there are many great courses to try out, and Culture Trip has compiled a list of a few extra special spots.

Pine Cliffs Golf Course

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The Algarve is a great destination for sharpening your golf skills
The Algarve is a great destination for sharpening your golf skills | Pixabay
Located in the tourist center of Albufeira, Pine Cliffs is a great, albeit short, nine-hole course where anyone, from beginners to advanced players, can enjoy their day and game. Set against a backdrop that includes ocean views, it’s a lovely spot to boot. There are restaurants and bars on-site, in addition to a Golf Academy, a Pro Shop, and tennis courts.

San Lorenzo

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This beautiful golf course isn’t open for just anyone; if you’re not a private member, you need to be a guest at the Dona Filipa Hotel or Amarante Formosa Park Hotel. The 18 holes are located around the lovely green grounds, with the restaurant, bar, and golf facilities in the center and the Atlantic Ocean in the background. American golf architect Joseph Lee designed the course, and it is considered one of the best in southern Portugal.

Monte Rei Golf & Country Club

The 1000 acres of green estate that makes up the Monte Rei resort sits a short distance from the Portugal-Spanish border, just east of Tavira, Portugal. The two courses within the country club reflect the world-renowned Jack Nicklaus’s signature design and feature an 18-hole setup. On-site, visitors can rent apartments or villas and have many amenities to enjoy.

Sitio Do Pocinho – Sesmarias, 8901-907 Vila Nova de Cacela, Portugal, +351 281 950 950

Gramacho Golf Course

Hotel, Resort, Golf Hotel
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Located east of Portimão, the Gramacho Golf course is another sprawling green estate that now boasts an 18-hole game but was originally a nine-hole course. There are many things to do in the area as well, such as the Slide and Splash water park for families, or the No SoloAgua Beach Club for anyone looking for a party in the evening.

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  • Vale do Lobo

    Whether you’re looking for a tournament to watch or want to spend a day with on the green with a few friends, Vale do Lobo is one of the best spots in central Algarve. It is also one of the oldest courses and has been running for over 50 years. Located on the Vale do Lobo luxury resort, one of the largest and most lovely resorts in Portugal, visitors will appreciate the range of services on-site, in addition to the two beautiful courses called the Ocean and Royal.

    Vale do Lobo, 8135-864 Loulé, Portugal, +351 289 353 000

    Espiche Golf Course

    Last but not least is the newest golf course to the region. The Espiche golf course is self-proclaimed as eco-friendly and designed to help support the surrounding natural ecosystem. It has 18 holes, typical of most other courses in the Algarve, and the club’s vision centers around the idea of preserving and conserving this southwestern Portuguese countryside. Located in Lagos, it’s close to major beaches, shopping centers, restaurants, and hotels.

    Sítio dos Matos Brancos, 701 – N, 8600-114 Espiche, Lagos, Portugal, +351 282 688 250