The Best Chicken Shacks in the Algarve

The Algarve © Steve Photography / Shutterstock
The Algarve © Steve Photography / Shutterstock
When you’re looking for good food in a hurry, Portugal’s frango assado is always a good idea. Also known as ‘chicken piri-piri’, this popular dish is served all over the country and the Algarve – where you can find numerous restaurants going by the nickname ‘chicken shacks’ – is no exception. For the best grilled chicken in southern Portugal, take a look at a few of these restaurants.

Marufos 1 & 2

Marufo’s is so good that Quarteira had to have a second shop just down the road from the first. Chicken isn’t the only item on the menu – diners have a decent list of fish, seafood, and meats to choose from – but the delicious frango with potato chips or french fries continues to be a hit. Marufos has been a locals’ favourite since opening and its reputation has caught the attention of tourists too, so there is normally a good crowd.

Churrasqueira de Almancil

Churrasqueira is the word for ‘barbecue house’ in Portuguese, so there’s little surprise that this is a fantastic location for BBQ chicken. In addition, this spot is known for serving other coal-grilled meats and a mixture of fish, as well as Argentinian-style steak. The Churrasqueira is located across town from the Marufos restaurants, so finding tasty grilled chicken won’t be hard to find in this central region of the Algarve.

Estr. Vale Formoso 221, Almancil, Portugal

Restaurante Belafonte

This restaurant also goes by the name Piú Pollo, named after their grilled chicken, proudly advertised as their most popular dish. In addition to the food, guests can also enjoy the terrace seating. It’s open all day, every day, from 11am to 11:30pm, so visitors can add convenience to the lists of perks.

This is a different kind of fast food. © Pixabay

Restaurante O Márinho

This local favourite can be found about 13 km north of Albufeira and is known for both delicious chicken and the exquisite piri-piri that comes alongside the meal. It is open every day except Thursdays, from noon to 3pm and 6:30pm to 10:30pm, so plan your trip accordingly.

Rua 5 de Outubro, Algoz, Portugal +351 282 574 889

O Ribeirinho

O Ribeirinho is another churrasqueira, located in Albufeira, that’s open daily (but closes briefly between lunch and dinner in the traditional Portuguese way). Their specialty is Frango da Guia, similar to normal frango assado but with smaller chickens called franguinhos cut into small pieces – a style that originated in the Algarve, making it an authentic choice to try while visiting.

Estrada Nacional 125, Albufeira, Portugal +289 561 442

Restaurante Rampa

Located in northern central Algarve, Restaurante Ramps is definitely a bit of a trek from the usual spots in Algarve, but this long-established spot is well worth the trip for the whole family. It’s considered one of the best chicken shacks in the Algarve with some of the most competitive prices, an additional perk being the list of homemade desserts. Situated near several hiking areas, this is also a welcoming spot to sit and refuel after a day of exercise.

375, Caminho da Fóia, Monchique, Portugal +351 282 912 620