The Best Bars with Live Music in Ribeira, Porto

Joel Fausto at Maus Habitos | © Flowgrey/Wikimedia Commons
Joel Fausto at Maus Habitos | © Flowgrey/Wikimedia Commons
Photo of Nina Santos
17 February 2017

The city of Porto, along Portugal’s northern coast, is a vibrant place both day and night, and there are many bars where visitors and locals can socialize over a drink. Pairing a cocktail (or coffee) with good music is also easy to do, and few scenes are better than those with live music. Make sure these top spots are at the forefront of your nighttime itineraries in Porto.

Breyner 85

Breyner 85 is a music club that serves as a café, restaurant, dance club, and a venue where music and arts blend together. In this charming spot, both bands and DJs play, and there is a garden terrace where patrons can sit and talk in the night air. This is also a place in Porto that has karaoke, so get your singing face on if you go! Located close to the heart of Porto’s historic downtown, it’s easy to find and close to the Rosa et al Townhouse boutique hotel.

Breyner 85, Rua do Breiner 85, Porto, Portugal

Maus Hábitos

Maus Hábitos means “bad habits,” but there is nothing wrong (and plenty of things that are right) about visiting this venue. The bar is actually vegetarian and vegan-friendly, and the kitchen serves Mediterranean and European cuisine. It’s known for playing non-commercial, alternative music. In addition to music, Maus Hábitos is also a cultural center with an eclectic array of art on display, adding further to Porto’s design-friendly persona.

Maus Hábitos, R. de Passos Manuel 178, 4º Piso, Porto, Portugal

Casa do Livro

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Porto is a city full of music and books, a blend that is represented at the Casa do Livro (which means “house of books”). It originally opened as a bookstore, but was converted into a music-centric bar ten years ago. Don’t worry, there are still books that line the walls and add to the venue’s décor, which is completely classical. The musical styles vary day to day, so it’s important to check their schedule in advance to see what’s on the agenda.

Passos Manuel

Concert Hall
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Passos Manuel interior
Passos Manuel interior | Courtesy of Local Porto
Passos Manuel is a bar inside an old movie theater (built in 1971 and converted in 2004) with a stage where the live music plays. It is also centrally located, a few steps away from the Majestic Café, but according to Local Porto, it may be easy to miss due to an unassuming exterior. The interior has been described as portraying both minimalistic and Art Nouveau styles, and a mix of music, art, and theater are enjoyed within its walls.

Hotfive Blues & Jazz Blues Club

In a city with a strong classical side, what’s better than a night of jazz music? Porto’s jazz culture is young but becoming a hit with the locals and is a nice surprise for visitors. A tip to remember is that every Wednesday, Hotfive hosts jazz jam sessions. It is located close to the Ribeira, a short walk away from the Igreja de Santa Clara. At Hotfive, patrons can also listen to the blues, but doing so while enjoying a glass of Portuguese wine, it may just be impossible to feel anything but happy.

Hotfive Blues & Jazz Blues Club, Largo do Actor Dias 51, Porto, Portugal