Best Brunch And Late Breakfast Spots In Ericeira, Portugal

Best Brunch And Late Breakfast Spots In Ericeira, Portugal
A scenic fishing community to the north of Lisbon, Ericeira is known for its hospitality and vibrant spirit. The quaint cobbled streets are flanked by a variety of traditional Portuguese style houses, encapsulating the spirit of the ocean with their free flowing forms and rustic color spectrum. If you’re looking for a good place to enjoy a morning meal in this beautiful Portuguese resort, take a look at our guide to the best breakfast and brunch spots in Ericeira.
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Casa da Fernanda

Bakery, Cafe, Portuguese
One of the most famous bakeries in Ericeira, the Casa de Fernanda specializes in a variety of pastries and baked goods that cannot be found anywhere else. Situated on the beachfront catching the bustling beach trade, this café-bakery is a perfect option for visitors wanting to have a light bite while they enjoy the sea breeze and the panoramic views of the vast beach expanse.
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Kfe Coffee Shop

Ericeira’s main coffee shop, Kfe Coffee Shop features an array of delectable pastries with a variety of artisan coffees to choose from, all prepared by the famous Marzocco espresso machine. The cafe is perfectly located in one of the arterial streets of Ericeira and is the ideal place to sit back with a comforting drink and watch the world go by.
Address: Rua de Santo Antonio, no12, Ericeira, Portugal, + 351 261861237

Pastelaria Geladaria Veneza

Cafe, Pastry Shop, Pastries
Known as the go-to place for all sweet treats, Pastelaria Geladaria Veneza offers a quality selection of mouthwatering dessert options that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. This cafe specializes in serving quality crepes with a selection of ice creams. Situated in the beautiful Praça de Republica, this cafe is a must visit for any tourist with a sweet tooth.
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Ribeira D’llhas Surf Restaurant and Bar

Bar, Restaurant, Portuguese
Fresh fruit platter
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An ideal option for those wishing to have a more filling breakfast, the Ribeira D’llhas Surf Restaurant and Bar has a quality selection of sweet and savory options, served throughout the day, with a combination of tasty ingredients such as capers, salmon and pineapple. Located on Ericeira’s beachfront, this restaurant offers views out to sea as well as hosting regular surfing lessons for those wishing to get a little closer to the waves.
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Padaria Ericeirapao

Bakery, Pastry Shop, Pastries
One of the most popular bakeries in Ericeira alongside Casa da Fernanda, the Padaria Ericeirapao features a diverse array of baked goods that lure in locals and tourists alike. The bakery fosters a sense of community offering a selection of shared breads and mouthwatering pastries that are best enjoyed in company.
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