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Pastéis de Nata at the "A Chique de Belém" | © André Luís/flickr
Pastéis de Nata at the "A Chique de Belém" | © André Luís/flickr
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The Best Brunch Places In Guimarães, Portugal

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Updated: 9 February 2017
With a history spanning centuries and a reputation as the supposed origin of the Portuguese national identity, Guimaraes is an example of how a quaint medieval settlement can become a bustling, modern city. With its historic center designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its variety of restaurants and bars, Guimaraes is a great place to visit on your trip to Portugal. For those who decide to visit, we’ve selected the best places to have breakfast or brunch in the city.
Pastéis de Nata at the "A Chique de Belém" | © André Luís/flickr
Pastéis de Nata at the “A Chique de Belém” | © André Luís/flickr
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Manjar dos Doces

Known for being one of the best places to have breakfast in Guimaraes, the Manjar dos Doces is a luxurious and stylish restaurant offering a high standard of traditional Portuguese breakfast options. The restaurant also serves a variety of pastries and baked goods for people wishing to grab something lighter with their morning cup of tea or coffee. Try the bread toast with hazelnut spread.
Address: Alameda de Sao Damaso, Guimaraes, Portugal, +351-253-528-298

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Coconuts café

With a central location in one of the old town’s many quaint courtyards, Coconuts café is known for serving a wide range of light bites including a variety of toasted sandwiches, salads and succulent burgers throughout the day. Be sure to try the cheese and ham toasted sandwiches. This bustling little café is popular locals and is an ideal place for brunch.
Address: Largo Da Oliveira, 1-3, Guimaraes 4800-438, Portugal, +351960147318

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HOOL Restaurante

Located in the heart of Guimaraes, the HOOL Restaurant serves a wide variety of dishes for all times of day. While it is better known for its evening meals and superb meat dishes such as the duck and venison, the restaurant also offers an impressive brunch menu to catch a late morning or early lunchtime meal. This is the perfect place for those looking for a more substantial morning meal.
Address: Largo Da Oliveira, Guimaraes 4800-443, Portugal, +351 25 351 9390

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Divina Gula

The Divina Gula is a small café tucked away from the main restaurant and bar area. The café has become well known as a small and cozy tearoom that serves a variety of pastries. In this café you can sample from the traditional favorites to a more unusual selection of sweets and pastries that fulfills a thriving curiosity among locals and tourists who keep coming back to try Divina Gula’s new culinary creations.
Address: Rua de Santa Maria, 44, Guimaraes 4800-433, Portugal, +351253097725

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Pastelaria Nova Camir

The Pastelaria Nova Camir prepares its pastry and bakery treats with traditional local methods. Providing a great environment in which to socialize while you enjoy light pastry based breakfast accompanied by a range of artsy coffees, this café is the ideal place for visitors wishing to sit back, relax and watch the city go by as they have their breakfast.
Address: Largo Toural 105, Guimaraes 4810-427, Portugal, +351 253 415 997