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Porto y Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto © Shemsu.Hor/Flickr
Porto y Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto © Shemsu.Hor/Flickr
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Vila Nova De Gaia, Porto

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Updated: 9 February 2017
A city in the Northern Region of Portugal, in the Porto District, Vila Nova de Gaia is a beacon of Portuguese culture and spirit. Located on the south side of the Douro river with the city of Porto to the north, Vila Nova is famous for its quaint and rustic lifestyle, offering an array of spectacular views, one of the highest number of Blue Flag beaches in Portugal, high-quality gastronomy and a vibrant nightlife. The famous port wine cellars of the city succeed in luring a large amount of tourists every year. We have listed ten of the best restaurants in the city.
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Sweet Douro

A traditional Portuguese restaurant close to the Douro River. Sweet Douro is located down one of Gaia’s many narrow back streets. The restaurant champions simplicity and authenticity characterized by its rustic décor. The menu includes a variety of flavorsome Portuguese specialty dishes including the local charcuterie platter and a range of tapas.

Address: Portugal, R. Cândido dos Reis 142, 4430-999 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, +351 913837782

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Taberna Da Villa

An exceptionally popular option, The Taberna da Villa specializes in providing a varied selection of contemporary Portuguese dishes. Tucked away from the town center., this restaurant provides an efficient service and offers a variety of tapas style dishes and traditional charcuterie options as well as a rich selection of desserts.

Address: R. Delfim Lima 229, 4410-229 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, +351 22 712 1146

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A relatively new addition to the city’s gastronomic scene, the restaurant Bicoq serves an impeccable range of Portuguese and international favorites. The impressive menu features meat and seafood dishes, including a variety of duck-based dishes and the tender Guinea fowl. The restaurant also offers a tasty array of cocktails and juices.
Address: Avenida Diogo Leite 92, Vila Nova de Gaia 4400-111, Portugal, +351 224 008 953

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Restaurante Mario Luso

Restaurante Mario Luso is the epitome of Portuguese charm. The restaurant specializes in cooking traditional Portuguese dishes the old fashioned way, which sets it apart from the wide selection of Portuguese restaurants lining Gaia’s streets. Mario Luso stands as a rustic reminder of Portuguese heritage through its décor and food, using premium, fresh produce to provide dishes of only the best quality.
Address: Largo Franca Borges 308 | Carvalhos, Vila Nova de Gaia 4415-240, Portugal, +351 227 842 111

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Perto do Cais

The Perto do Cais is a cozy family run restaurant serving some of the best local dishes around. The restaurant enjoys immense popularity with locals thanks to its famous francesinhas, a typical dish from Porto which consists of a wet cured ham and steak sandwich covered with melted cheese and a hot thick tomato and beer sauce. With a simple rustic interior and a homely and hearty passion for good quality, authentic food, this restaurant is a must visit for tourists wanting to experience the best of local cuisine.

Address: Rua Rei Ramiro 796, Vila Nova de Gaia 4400-000, Portugal, +351 22 0980384

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Vinum Restaurant and Wine Bar

One of Gaia’s most popular restaurants, the Vinum Restaurant and Wine Bar focuses on delivering high quality food in a professional manner. The restaurant features a range of fresh salads and well sourced steaks with the added bonus of having an extensive wine menu with in house expertise. This is the perfect option for visitors wanting to combine great food with a lively evening on the town.

Address: Graham’s Port Lodge | Rua do Agro 141, Vila Nova de Gaia 4400-281, Portugal, +351 220930417

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Situated on the riverside, Bacalhoeiro is a popular restaurant specializing in an assortment of seafood and vegetarian dishes. The restaurant promotes an ethos of hard work whilst delivering food to a high standard with constant attention to customer satisfaction. Bacalhoeiro has an outdoor terrace that is the perfect location to sit and have a drink while you enjoy the views of the river.

Address: Av. Diogo Leite 74, Vila Nova de Gaia 4400 , Portugal, +(351)223759408

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Gastronmic Restaurant The Yeatman

The Yeatman is a Michelin-star restaurant that serves a vast array of tapas style favorites in a contemporary and elegant environment. The restaurant offers a selection of set menus with wine pairings recommended by an in house sommelier. You’ll have a delightful and unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Address: Rua do Choupelo, Santa Marinha, Vila Nova de Gaia 4400-088, Portugal, +351 220133100

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Barao de Fladgate

The Barao de Fladgate provides the perfect location for visitors to the city, with panoramic views of the river and surrounding landscape. Customers will take in the beauty of their surroundings whilst relaxing and enjoying high quality cuisine. The Barao de Fladgate offers a host of Portuguese favorites cooked and served in contemporary style including a quality selection of fish dishes and accompaniments.

Address: Rua do Choupelo 250 | (Caves Taylor’s), Vila Nova de Gaia 4400-088, Portugal, +351 223742800

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Pizzaria da Salvatore

The Pizzaria da Salvatore is one of Gaia’s main pizzerias. Located close to the sea, this pizzeria serves a variety of international favorites as well as being one of the few locations to serve the local, ever elusive ‘Charbonnade’ pizza. Characterized by its rustic charm and simplicity, this restaurant is a great option for visitors wishing to sample something other than Portuguese cuisine during their stay in the city.

Address: Travessa Caetano Remeao, 42, Vila Nova de Gaia 4405-538, Portugal, +351 227139575