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The 10 Best Restaurants in Santos, Lisbon

The 10 Best Restaurants in Santos, Lisbon

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Santos is a formerly unexpressed waterside district in Lisbon, that was given a second life. A hip community of glossy shops and cafes have recently sprung up. Here are some of the best eating venues Santos has to offer.

Hamburgueria do Bairro

Run by two brothers, this place has quickly earned a title of being the best hamburger restaurant in Lisbon. It was the first restaurant dedicated entirely to the art and flavor of the hamburger in Lisbon, pioneering a movement that would later see a ‘hamburger boom’. Hamburgueria do Bairro invites you to indulge in variety of 11 flavors. All burgers are hand-made using the best beef by local producers, soft bread and other ingredients such as watercress, bacon, piri piri sauce and mayonnaise and even tofu, because this place caters for all the animal lovers. The burgers come with a plate of delicious French fries.


Rua dos Industriais, 9, Santos, Lisbon, +351 213 960 405

Image courtesy of Hamburgueria do Bairro
Image courtesy of Hamburgueria do Bairro

Estado Liquido

Perhaps the best sushi restaurant in whole Lisbon, Estado Liquido is a perfect combination of a formal restaurant and a relaxed lounge. The menu offers classic sushi and sashimi tastes with raw fish of the best quality. Their special sushi lounge menu is worth trying, as it consists of salmon cubes marinated in garlic, piri-piri sauce and decorated with flying fish roe. The interior decoration is minimalistic and executed in dark colors that create an intimate feel. The bar at Estado Liquido has a creative drink, the sakerinha. This is a caipirinha made with sake and fruits, and it is worth visiting them just to inspect the greatness of the drink.


Largo de Santos 5A, Santos, Lisbon, +351 213 972 022

Petiscaria Ideal

The concept behind this cozy restaurant with contemporary Portuguese cuisine is high quality food made in a homely style. The plates are smaller than usual and are meant to be shared among customers at the table, which encourages more vivid interaction between the couples and groups of friends. Members of staff are very welcoming and attentive, and the meals are reasonably priced. The ambiance is relaxed, and the interior looks as if it was adapted from a centuries-old picture book. This is because the decor features including pots and pans and various ornamented azulejo tiles on the walls.


Rua da Esperança 100, Santos, Lisbon, +351 213 971 504

A Travessa

A Travessa combines the best from classical Portuguese and Belgian cuisine in order to present exceptional variety of flavors. The restaurant is located in a restored 17th-century abbey, which builds romantic and bohemian atmosphere that frequently attracts local artists and intellectuals. The selection of dishes is made from top quality ingredients and is cooked in a home-like manner. The restaurant even does its own freshly baked bread. A Travessa is known for its fine selection of fish dishes, such as ray in a black butter sauce or filo pastry served with creamy shrimp sauce.

Travessa do Convento das Bernardas 12, Lapa, Lisbon, +351 213 902 034


Dervixe is owned by a Turkish man named Murat. He dreamed of opening a proper Turkish restaurant in Lisbon that would not only serve typical kebabs, but be a cultural hub and a venue for experimenting with flavors. Don’t be overwhelmed by the simplicity of decorations and furniture, because the food is indeed delicious. It has dining rooms on two floors and an open terrace outside. The owners offer juicy cow and chicken meat alongside famous Turkish pide. Great meals can be finished with fragrant coffee or tea. What should be noted is that Dervixe does not offer alcohol, as it is a Muslim restaurant.


Av. 24 de Julho, 84 A, Santos, Lisbon, +351 218 095 031

Image courtesy of Dervixe
Image courtesy of Dervixe

Kais Restaurant Bar

This high-end restaurant is situated in a former electricity warehouse. The space has been renovated well, with un-plastered brick walls, huge windows and wrought-iron elements in the decor. The interior of Kais Restaurant and Bar is neatly filled with 1000-year-old Olive trees, and the solid furniture creates an industrial atmosphere. The menu is filled with contemporary Portuguese cuisine with added twists and great decoration. Your meal might be accompanied by a local jazz band, which performs for the pleasure of customers during the dinner times. After midnight this sophisticated venue is turned into a bar and fills with pop sounds.


Rua Cintura do Porto de Lisboa, Armazém 1, Alcântara, Lisbon, +351 213 932 930

Taberna 1300

Located in the hip and trendy LX Factory, the setting for a vintage and art market, Taberna 1300 is a wonderful place. It has authentic decor consisting of endless clocks and red and white painted wooden chairs. Taberna 1300 has an open terrace with a lovely view of the district, and also presents a wide range of carefully selected Portuguese wines. It offers contemporary Portuguese cuisine with a classical feel, and without unneeded exuberance. Chef Nuno Barros cooperates with the best national food producers and farmers and skillfully incorporates seasonal ingredients into the meals.


Rua Rodrigues Faria, 103,Edifício H, Lisbon, +351 213 649 170

Image courtesy of Taberna 1300
Image courtesy of Taberna 1300

A Tapadinha

This colorful space was constructed using bright accents to resemble the principal colors of Soviet period. It features an interior filled with red and black furniture, walls and photographs. A Tapadinha was the first restaurant with Eastern European cuisine to be established in Lisbon, and today it still remains one of the best. The chef is of Russian origin and knows how to present Russian food in the best light. A Tapadinha presents different fish portions daily and offers classical regional dishes from various former Soviet republics ranging from pancakes with caviar to solyanka soup. Members of staff are polite and friendly and easily make you feel at home.

Calçada da Tapada 41A, Alcântara, Lisbon, +351 213 640 482

Ilhas Gregas

This restaurant represents a mini Greece inside Portugal, as it offers genuine Greek cuisine served in an intimate colorful dining room. It was opened by a Greek, who offers flavors of his homeland to the public, including famous tzatziki cucumber yogurt with garlic sauce, souvlaki (minced meat balls) and a variety of Greek salads with healthy olives, goat cheese and pita bread. Ilhas Gregas suggests that diners accompany their food with an excellent choice of Greek wine, made by the owner.

Rua das Trinas, 22-24, Santos, Lisbon, +351 210 993 288

Image courtesy of Ilhas Gregas
Image courtesy of Ilhas Gregas

Madragoa Café

Madragoa Café manages to present two distinct atmosphere in one place: it breathes contemporary air and preserves Portuguese traditions though its history and decor. The size of the cafe is relatively small and cannot accommodate more than 28 people at a time, but it has a wonderful open terrace. The cafe is dedicated to the promotion of contemporary Portuguese cuisine and offers a speciality of its own, Bacalhau Madragoa. This dish is layered with caramelized onion, sausage and potatoes, spiced with coriander and baked in oven. Madragoa is also happy to present a fine selection of cheeses and sausages from local producers.


Rua da Esperança, 134, Santos, Lisboa, +34 214 005 447