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Sea front, Ericeira©Paulo Juntas, Wikicommons
Sea front, Ericeira©Paulo Juntas, Wikicommons
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The 10 Best Bars In Ericeira, Portugal

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Located on Portugal’s beautiful coastline, Ericeira is known as one of the best surfing locations in Western Europe. This Portuguese seaside resort and fishing community is a must visit for tourists looking to spend time by the sea in a small town with an impressive cultural backdrop. We have selected the best Bars in Ericeira to help you make the most of this town at night.
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Sunset Bamboo Bar

The Sunset Bamboo bar is well located just off the main street for bars. The bar is known for its cool soulful vibes with a colorful and casual decor that encapsulates the bar’s spirit. The bar offers an impressive cocktail menu, whilst the wide variety of juices on offer will make those wanting to stay away from alcoholic beverages happy.

Address: Tv. do Jogo da Bola 3, 2655-297 Ericeira, Portugal,+351 261 864 827

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Hemingway’s Ericeira

One of Ericeira’s most exciting night venues, Hemingway’s features an energy-packed yet casual atmosphere and is one of the most frequented bars in Ericeira’s night scene. The bar is renowned for specializing in gin, featuring over 70 different types of gin as well as offering a good variety of cocktails. The bar usually fills up and you’ll often find its customers hanging out outside.

Address: R. do Ericeira 8, 2655-271 Ericeira, Portugal

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Ribeira D’llhas Surf Restaurant and Bar

Boasting a prime location on the Ericeira beachfront, the Ribeira D’llhas Surf Restaurant and Bar attracts a huge clientele wishing to make the most of the beach atmosphere and crisp sea air. Well known for serving some of the best seafood in town, this restaurant doubles as a beachfront bar offering an impressive variety of wines, beers and spirits.

Address: Estrada Nacional 247 – Praia de Ribeira D’Ilhas, Ericeira, 2640-051 Santo Isidoro MFR, Portugal,+351 261 865 009

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Roude Léiw Beir Club

Situated in the heart of Ericeira, the Roude Léiw Club is perfect for visitors who want to socialize and meet new people. The club seeks to provide a stylish and laid-back environment with music that is not so loud that you can’t have a chat. Come to this bar and unwind whilst sharing a drink or two with other customers, without having to pay the higher prices found in others bars around the central bar district. The welcoming bar is popular among locals of all ages.

Address: Praça dos Navegantes, 2655320 Ericeira

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Puro Malte

One of Ericeira’s most vibrant venues, the Puro Malte is a friendly bar located in the heart of Ericeira’s bar scene. This place has a cozy environment perfect for spending a night out with friends with the informality which distinguishes that bar scene of the town. Featuring a small dance floor, this venue is a popular choice among tourists and locals alike.

Address: ‪Rua 5 de Outubro, 24 B, Ericeira 2655, Portugal,+351 261 862 072

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Big Waves Bar

Providing a sociable and casual atmosphere, the Big Waves Bar is a chilled out joint ideal for early evening drinks. As the night progresses the bar acquires a more upbeat atmosphere for those who are after a livelier night. With a traditional pub setting and a good range of beers and spirits behind a professionally attended bar, this is a great spot to start or end the night.

Address: Largo Dos Navegantes,21, 2655-320 Ericeira, Portugal,+351 261 869 871

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Neptuno Bar

Visitors wishing to make the most of the lively party atmosphere of the city tend to congregate around one of Ericeira’s most famous night venues, Neptuno Bar. This cozy, quaint neighborhood pub offers a wide variety of international beers, wines and spirits served in a vibrant and sociable ambiance. In summer, the pub hosts live fado, a traditional Portuguese music genre, every Monday night, making it very popular with visitors.

Address: R. Mendes Leal 12, 2655-305 Ericeira, Portugal +351 26 1862017

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Discobar Ourico

Celebrating 50 years as one of the main go-to places for a night out in Ericeira, the Discobar Ourico has become part of the city’s history. The bar-nightclub is renowned for its great parties and ability to move with the times, undergoing regular renovations and design changes. They organize special themed nights and annual anniversary celebrations. A trip to Ericeira is not complete without a visit to this iconic bar where customers can hang out until the small hours of the morning.

Address: Rua Capitão João Lopes, 9, 2655-086 Ericeira, Portugal, 2655-086 Ericeira, +351 927378882

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Jukebox Bar

As the home of Jazz and Blues in Ericeira, the Jukebox bar is a perfect choice for guests wanting to have a chilled eveningc. Playing a range of classic favorites as well as modern adaptations in a typical jazz atmosphere, this bar greets its guests with a vast array of timeless cocktails.

Address: R. Dr. Miguel Bombarda 7, 2635-308 Ericeira, Portugal, +351 918 626 137

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Insolito Bar

The Insolito Bar is located towards the Eastern side of Ericeria’s center and, whilst it is located further away from the sea than many of the other bars, its atmosphere is no less lively. Being the main Karaoke bar in Ericeira, this bar has a friendly ambiance, encouraging visitors to socialize singing a host of well known international songs. They offer a good assortment of beers, spirits and cocktails.

Address: Largo S. Sebastião 12 r/c, 2640-278 Mafra-Sobreiro, Portugal, +351 966 311 123