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The 10 Best Bars In Alfama, Lisbon
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The 10 Best Bars In Alfama, Lisbon

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Alfama is a historical district of Lisbon, which until recent years did not have much nightlife. Now the area has become popular with wine aficionados who head to Alfama for a classical selection of tapas and drinks before embarking on a journey through central Lisbon’s nightclubs and gig venues. Here’s our list of the 10 best spots to start your night.

Augusto Lounge

Augusto Lounge is a lovely venue situated in the heart of Alfama district, which is best visited for a relaxing coffee-break in an international ambiance. It is well-known for its delicious homemade ice cream and wide selection of wines. The menu offers freshly squeezed homemade juices, a variety of salads and sandwiches and their speciality ice creams. Combine unusual flavors of white wine with pistachio or vanilla ice cream. The service will add a pleasant touch, with friendly waiters who let you taste different ice cream flavors before choosing.


Rua de Santa Marinha 26, Lisbon, +351 218 860 271

Duetos Da Sé

Located down the River Tagus, behind the Sé Cathedral, Duetos da Sé is not just a simple café with great food and drinks. The venue was dedicated to building an art space for fado performers and musicians. Duetos da Sé has classical stone interior with a sultry and welcoming atmosphere. The menu offers some excellent quality cod pastel and ham croquettes for a starter, which are recommended to be followed by creamy and juicy octopus in olive oil, with potatoes and fried cassava. The restaurant would be an amazing choice for elegant and intimate dinner for close friends or couples.


Tv. Almargem 1B, Lisbon, +351 21 885 0041

Santiago Alquimista

Located within walking distance of St. George’s Castle, Santiago Alquimista is a trendy bar that is attractive for young local artists and the bohemian public. Santiago Alquimista has a renovated industrial fabric with some original features like the oven that has been preserved. The venue is spread across three levels, with wooden tables where you can order snacks and refreshing drinks while you wait for special evening performances, ranging from live rock concerts to DJ nights.


Rua de Santiago, 19, Alfama, Lisbon, +351 218 820 259

Memmo Alfama Wine Bar & Terrace
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The view from the Memmo Alfama Wine Bar & Terrace, including the National Pantheon's iconic dome | © kontostudenta / Pixabay

Memmo Alfama Wine Bar & Terrace

Hidden on the backstreets of Alfama, Memmo Alfama Hotel is an intimate, secluded modern hotel, with its chic and spacious Wine Bar & Terrace situated in the hotel’s first floor. Without doubt, Memmoo Alfama Terrace will give you a thrill of excitement because of the astonishing views over the oldest neighborhood in the city, Alfama, and the Tagus river. This cosmopolitan venue offers a well selected wine list and delicious Portuguese tapas, and will be a perfect choice for a late afternoon chill, watching the amazing sunset.

Memmo Alfama Hotel, Travessa das Merceeiras, 27, Alfama, Lisbon, +351 210 495 660

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Sun - Sat:
6:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Stylish, Rooftop

Chinese Pavilion

The interior of Chinese Pavilion could easily be mistaken as one of the neighborhood’s antiques shops. Visitors start feeling the unique atmosphere as soon as they step inside the hall, where more than 4,000 pieces of art are neatly hung and placed behind the glass cabinets. Chinese Pavilion has a vast display of collectibles and art pieces of all kinds, and it looks like a museum. The bar has many tiny rooms that create a very intimate and relaxed atmosphere. Visitors are encouraged to try a great selection of cocktails.


Rua D. Pedro V, 89, Lisbon, Portugal, +351 213 424 729

Wine Bar do Castelo
Bar, Wine Bar, Portuguese, $$$
View from Castelo de São Jorge Susanne Nilsson

View from Castelo de São Jorge | © Susanne Nilsson / Flickr

Wine Bar do Castelo

Located in a small street by the entrance to St. George’s Castle, Wine Bar Do Castelo is a rustic-style bar with a romantic location. It is a perfect spot to try afternoon wine and have a good conversation with your old friends. The wines on the extensive wine list are selected from the top vineyards of Portugal, and are served by the glass or in bottle. It offers more than 150 wine specialties, and a friendly sommelier will recommend the right pick for you. To accompany your choice of red, white, port or Madeira wine is a selection of regional appetizers, including smoked ham pieces and soft sheep cheese.


R. Bartolomeu de Gusmão 11/13, Lisbon, +351 21 887 9093

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The Corkscrew Wine Bar

This venue is as traditional Portuguese as it can get, with 100 per cent local food and only Portuguese wines. You will be welcomed by a friendly sommelier, who has an excellent knowledge of what Corkscrew Wine Bar is selling. He will be your guide to the world of savoury Portuguese wines, and will help you choose a couple of Portuguese wines to try. All the while live jazz music will provide a perfect laid-back atmosphere of relaxation in one of the best bars of old Lisbon. Go for a simple combination, such as some bread and soft cheese and a Portuguese wine.


Rua Dos Remedios, 95, Alfama, Lisbon, +351 966 556 085

Image courtesy of The Corkscrew Wine Bar
Image courtesy of The Corkscrew Wine Bar

Porto Alfama
Bar, Wine Bar, Portuguese, European, $$$

Porto Alfama

Porto Alfama is a wine bar that has a conveniently placed shop on site that specializes in wine from the Porto region. Here you will be given the option to taste Porto wine or any other Portuguese wine of your choice. There is a great selection of light meals, like traditional Portuguese sardines or dark smoked chorizo, and appetizers such as caramelized nuts. The menu at Porto Alfama has a vegetarian tapas options, which are hard to find in this region. Porto Alfama is unique wine cellar, as it utilizes an unusual mix of natural organic ingredients in their meals.

Rua de São Pedro, 26, Lisbon, +351 21 887 2265

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Mon - None:
6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Thu - Sat:
6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Sat - None:
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Clube Ferroviário de Portugal

Clube Ferroviário de Portugal is home to an unusual concept for Lisbon as it presents a combination of a bar and a club in a single venue. With three distinct spaces, club, bar lounge and open terrace, Clube Ferroviário caters to a wide audience, who are looking for diverse events, from gigs to art exhibitions. The event program mainly focuses on live music concerts, but sometimes hosts theatre performances and art and cultural exhibitions. The open terrace is a great place to spend a lazy afternoon while drinking a refreshing cocktail and looking across the River Tagus. Clube Ferroviário de Portugal has the aim of recreating a bygone bohemian aura of older Portugal, and its concept of providing locals and guests with a social club makes it a unique meeting space for socializing.


Rua de Santa Apolónia, 59, Alfama, Lisbon, +351 218 153 196

Bela Vinhos e Petiscos

This little restaurant specializes in petiscos, or traditional Portuguese snacks, and mixes them with the flavors of Africa and Asia, continents that contained some of Portugal’s former colonies. The interior features an eclectic setting, with colorful cutlery glued to the walls and hung on the ceiling. The small space of the venue creates an intimate and family mood. Vinhos e Petiscos offers great and inexpensive sangria, and customers are also advised to try baked cod and petiscos with sardines and eels. Musicians perform Brazilian and African music, and the restaurant frequently holds poetry nights and private fado performances.


Rua dos Remédios, 186 – 190, Alfama, Lisbon, +351 926 077 511