Portugal's Top Travel Bloggers to Follow Right Now

Ponte, Portugal
Ponte, Portugal | violetta / Pixabay
Nina Santos

More people are visiting Portugal than ever before – meaning Europe’s best-kept secret isn’t so hush-hush anymore – but despite its increasing popularity, there are many beautiful villages to visit, cultural treasures to experience, and savoury recipes to try outside the mainstream. Luckily, a few locals and foreigners have taken blogging by the reins and are pulling the country further into the spotlight. Here are Culture Trip’s top picks for bloggers to follow while traveling through Portugal.

The Portugal Wire

Writer Emily McAuliffe has an impressive resume as a Portugal-based destination expert for Lonely Planet, reviewer for both The Telegraph UK and Time Out and contributor to internationally known publications like Women’s Fitness and Women’s Health. Originally from Australia, Emily moved to Portugal and began writing her own blog, The Portugal Wire, so more people would know about the country she came to love. Read her take on where to go and what to see, and check out her videos and photo gallery.

Backpack Me

Backpack Me is the creation of couple Ashray and Zara, who cleverly market themselves as A&Z. Ashray is from India, Zara is from Portugal, and the couple met in Dubai. Today, their home base is Lisbon, but A&Z still write about their experiences bouncing around the globe and offer tips to help others follow their lead. These two are certainly busy and also spearheaded a second website for foodies called Lisbon in 100 Bites.

Ashray and Zara from BackpackMe inside Lisbon’s Roman Tunnels

The Blondie Traveler

Travel with Rute Obadia, The Blondie Traveler, as she crosses her favorite spots in Portugal and around the world. After a career in communications and marketing, she decided to blend her skills with a passion for photography, thus creating her personal blog. Note: her blog is in Portuguese, so English-natives may be more comfortable following her on Instagram.

Julie Dawn Fox

While many magazines, bloggers, and Instagrammers swarm the trendiest spots (like Lisbon and Porto), Julie Dawn Fox also writes about life as an expat in rural Portugal, the most beautiful villages to visit, and offers brief historical tidbits about Portuguese culture. As a resident from around Coimbra, her take is personal and unique.

Julie Fox


Portugal and Spain are two fantastic destinations for foodies, as Catavino highlights in a gastronomy-heavy blog exploring the Iberian Peninsula. Though primarily based out of Porto, this group of self-proclaimed storytellers and adventurers travels across both countries in search of cultural gems, amazing food and mouthwatering wine to share their findings with the electronic world.


The blog Portugalist aims to help travellers get around the Algarve, Lisbon, and Porto. Writers James and Jemma are personally familiar with many areas around the country, and their blog shares travel tips (like which taxi apps to use) and videos from other popular travellers, like Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations in Lisbon“.

Salt of Portugal

Playfully named after the country’s location along the Atlantic Ocean, the Salt of Portugal shares all aspects of experiencing the culture, cuisine, cities, and more. Written by a group of friends, each contributing their photography and writing talents, it captures the essence of Portugal in a beautiful and unique way.

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