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When touring Lisbon, tap into your inner "local" © Pixabay
When touring Lisbon, tap into your inner "local" © Pixabay

Here's Why 'We Hate Tourism Tours' Are Taking Off in Lisbon

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Updated: 15 September 2017

Lisbon is a city that offers visitors a lot in terms of culture and history, but instead of visiting just like every other tourist and walking the same beaten paths, why not try something a bit different? We Hate Tourism Tours is not your usual tour company, and aims to show visitors a more authentic side of Portugal.

We Hate Tourism Tours is one in a growing number of ‘urban safari’ companies popping up around the globe, tapping into a millennial desire for off the beaten track experiences. From the guides themselves to the cars they drive, there is nothing common about this tour company but they have one simple message: they want to educate visitors on how to enjoy their city responsibly.

The best way to do that, according to We Hate Tourism Tours  founder Bruno Gomes is by ‘going and meeting locals, sharing experiences with them, telling them your stories and allowing them to tell theirs’. ‘Go ,’ he tells Culture Trip, ‘avoid big companies and businesses that are turning our cities into boring places. Travel to be a better person.”

After assembling a group of unemployed friends, all from Lisbon and with different professional backgrounds, We Hate Tourism Tours was born.

‘Tourism as an industry needs to stop, look at itself as travellers, businesspeople, and politicians and agree to be less greedy,’ says Gomes who reportedly turned down a deal to turn WHTT into a franchise. He decided instead to keep the concept local. ‘If we inspire other people to start similar projects in their cities, we will be happy to help for free,’ he says.

How do you want to experience Lisbon’s hills? | Courtesy of We Hate Tourism Tours

Gomes’s altruism is about trying to fix the problem of unsustainable tourism from within, while creating the best possible experience for tourists. His message to anyone thinking of visiting Portugal? ‘Travel responsible or stay home.’

Each tour is catered to best suit the experience you want. From ‘King of the Hills’ to an ‘X-Day Trip in Sintra-Cascais’ and tours centred on dining out to surfing, each tour is catered to best suit the experience you want, and the local trips and experiences range in price from around €30 to €60; prices vary depending on the experience requested.

The “We Hate Tourism Tours” group | Courtesy of We Hate Tourism Tours

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This article was written in collaboration with Nina Santos.