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Nerous Laughter | © PSFF
Nerous Laughter | © PSFF
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Brilliant Portuguese Surf Film Festival Returns for 2017 Edition

Picture of Luke Bradshaw
Sports Editor
Updated: 22 July 2017
This summer the Portuguese Surf Film Festival returns for its 6th edition. With a variety of incredible films on display, as well as pro surfers attending as guests, there is plenty to keep surf fans entertained.

The festival is taking place in the wonderful seaside village of Ericeira, just north of the country’s capital, Lisbon. Held from 22-29 July, attendees can enjoy exhibtions, live events and workshops as well as the films themselves, all at the Casa de Cultura.

‘Saca’ | ©PSFF

Featured films include:

Being There Bringing the ocean and mountains together, this film sees surfer Léa Brassy and polar explorer Vincent Colliard share an epic adventure together. The film follows the pair as the set out on an expedition, skiing 40 miles across a snowy valley of northern Iceland at the end of the Arctic winter in search for remote waves to surf, helping us understand the motivations and emotions that led to the adventure in the first place.

Biarritz Surf Gang — The French city of Biarritz has become the go to spot for surfing in Europe. This film takes a look at the surrounding counterculture that took hold of Biarritz during the 1980s and portrays the real face of French surfing. Through the surfers of La Grande Plage, Biarritz Surf Gang showcases the figures central to this unknown story, where ending up behind bars was just as likely as winning a surf competition.

Endless Winter II — Europe’s surf scene was sculpted during the 1960s, with surfers exploring the varied and diverse cultures and coastlines that the continent offers. Endless Winter II follows a new generation of surfers paying homage to those pioneers, who trace their journey 50 years after those first surfers took on Europe’s waves.

‘Endless Winter II’
‘Endless Winter II’ | © PSFF

Blackboy — Blackboy is a short film that follows Deni Firdaus, as he introduces his passions within what is clearly not your typical Indonesian beach town. In Batu Keras (Firdauas’s home town in West Java) there unique traditions and interests unlike the surrounding area, with locals riding customised motorbikes, collecting vintage cars and, more importantly, riding longboard. A fascinating film about a truly unorthodox place.

Gaza Surf Club — Worn down by the politcal landscape that grips the area, Gaza has produced a new generations of surfers seeking solace and freedom in the waves of the Mediterranean. Trapped in the “world’s largest open-air prison” and ruled by war, these surfers have been drawn to the beaches for respite.

Guests include Portugal’s most famous pro surfer, Tiago Pires (22 July), Swiss pro surfer Alena Ehrenbold (26 July) and fellow big wave surfers Rafa Tapia (27 July) and Joao de Macedo (28 July).

Ericeira, the town hosting the festival.
Ericeira, the town hosting the festival. | © PSFF