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Teresa Freitas Photography | Courtesy of Teresa Freitas
Teresa Freitas Photography | Courtesy of Teresa Freitas
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6 Emerging Lisbon Photographers to Check Out Now

Picture of Nina Santos
Updated: 6 June 2017
Lisbon is a city that has always inspired photographers – where a hotchpotch of brightly-colored homes on the hillside might vie for their own spotlight, silently asking for their pictures to be taken, elsewhere regal centuries-old palaces turn heads in a more dignified manner. Photographers can’t help but fall in love with Lisbon, its streets, buildings, and it atmosphere. Here is a list of a few who have truly captured the city’s best side, in addition to those who have wandered further from their home base to see (and share) more of the world.

Teresa Freitas

One Lisbon-based photographer who you may not know yet is Teresa Freitas, a visual surrealist from oceanside Cascais, Portugal, whose inspiration tends to come from nature. She likes to play with ideas surrounding the universe, the ocean, and emotions to create unique photography that’s usually captured using her cellphone camera. Already interviewed by a number of publications, she is a name that’s on the rise and one that should be followed by anyone who likes beautiful pictures with soft touches and imaginative twists.

Sardines on a line
Sardines on a line | © Courtesy of Teresa Freitas
Hot air balloon over apartments
Hot air balloon over apartments | © Courtesy of Teresa Freitas

Rui Rodrigues

Rui Rodrigues is a Lisbon-based photographer who has a knack for capturing the city’s raw personality. Following his Instagram account shows that he enjoys taking photos of locals in their element, in addition to the neighborhoods they call home.

João Morgado

An MS in architecture and a love for photography came together for João Morgado, who’s one of Portugal’s top architectural photographers. He has been listed in “Top 10 of the Best” lists and won the ARCAID Images Photography Award for Architecture in 2014. His photographic preferences include beautiful buildings and aerial views. João Morgado has been in the photography scene since 2007, a year before completing his architecture degree.

Beautifully decorated apartment
Beautifully decorated apartment | © Courtesy of João Morgado
Architecture photography
Architecture photography | © Courtesy of João Morgado

Rita Cordeiro

For Rita Cordeiro, magic happens when social media and photography are combined. At least, that’s how she chooses to explain her work, which also often includes images of textiles. Rita is a self-proclaimed Instagrammer and blogger who also works as a designer and social media manager. Her photos show that she loves playing with colors in addition to fabrics and prefers working with Lomo’Instant Wide cameras.

Luis Mileu

Born in Estremoz, a town in Portugal’s Alentejo region, Luis Mileu went to Lisbon’s IADE Institute of Art to study and cultivate his graphic design skills. Although always interested in photography, this area in his life really took off during a trip to Cuba where he created his first project as a street photographer. His images show his beautiful way of immortalizing the people around him and their emotions. Today Luis Mileu spends his time in Portugal’s capital but seems to enjoy travelling around the world and recently completed a project in the USA called “Americans 45”, where he got up close and personal to American locals from across the country at the time of the last presidential election.

Taken in North Carolina for the “Americans 45” project
Taken in North Carolina for the “Americans 45” project | © Courtesy of Luis Mileu
Historic Route 66, from the “Americans 45” project
Historic Route 66, from the “Americans 45” project | © Courtesy of Luis Mileu

Catarina Inácio

Photographs are not only meant to show people images, but to also help them explore feelings and states of mind, and that’s what Catarina Inácio tries to do with her photographs. Her story is quite unique; Catarina lives with Asperger’s and at first, taking photos was a coping mechanism for dealing with her disorder. Today, her work is still very conceptual but she also enjoys fashion and travel photography. In May, Catarina Inácio will have two exhibits in Portugal, one in Penafiel (near Porto) and the other in Setúbal (an hour from Lisbon).

Dancing with feelings
Dancing with feelings | © Catarina Inácio
“Powerful Sensibilities”
“Powerful Sensibilities” | © Courtesy of Catarina Inácio