The Best Brunch and Breakfast Spots in Wrocław, Poland

Wrocław  | © uroburos / pixabay
Wrocław | © uroburos / pixabay
Wrocław, in the Lower Silesian Province (Dolnośląskie) of Poland, is currently enjoying a tourist boom. It is a trendy city, which continues to be popular among backpackers, students and artists alike. For the early risers in this city, here is a selection of classy, modern breakfast and brunch spots in Wrocław’s centre.

Lot Kury

Restaurant, Cafe, Polish, $$$

The cafe Lot Kury is located in the modern centre of Wrocław. If you want to have a heavier brunch, this is a good place to go. It serves meat and vegan dishes such as the Mexican quesadilla, but also various sandwiches, muesli, yogurts and freshly squeezed juice. The lunch menu changes every day and features, for instance, pasta, the Polish broth soup with noodles and toasted sandwiches. The only downside is it doesn’t open until 10 a.m.

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Kurna Chata

Restaurant, Polish, $$$
Wrocław Old Town
Wrocław Old Town | Wrocław Old Town

A cool local venue with traditional Polish food, and their breakfast menu (served from 7 a.m. to mid-day) is fantastic. Breakfasts such as scrambled eggs with bacon are served to perfection, and on the soup menu try the zupy w chlebie (which is served inside a roll) or the house pierogi (Polish dumplings). It’s not licensed, but great beverage options are a glass of milk or a range of teas, making it one of the cheapest options in Wrocław for breakfast or brunch.

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This place is also located in the Old Town and near the famous Market Square. Szynkarnia offers a very varied menu, comprising potato farls served with fruit and almonds, muesli, sandwiches, omelettes, salads, scrambled eggs and more. For brunch or lunch, you can choose between traditional Polish dishes and side dishes, such as a ham or cheese plate.

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BLT & Flatbreads

Restaurant, European, $$$

This breakfast and brunch spot offers great American pancakes with pineapples, grapes, honey, Greek yogurt or with strawberry/berry sauce and vanilla cheese. Alternatively, you can have French toast, ciabatta sandwiches or an omelette. For a heavier brunch, choose a tortilla wrap, Mexican tacos, or a beef burger. BLT & Flatbreads is designed in a hippy way, featuring posters, colourful artworks and wooden tables.

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Central Café

Cafe, Polish, $$$
Central Café offers sweet and savoury breakfast and brunch meals. If you are a fan of sweet stuff, you can order delicious fruit pancakes, porridge with various additions, homemade cakes and cupcakes, or waffle cookies. If you prefer the latter, get one of the bagels that are the café’s speciality. Central Café has a colourful, bright and modern interior with a handwritten menu, glass decorations and high stools adding to its splendour.
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Restaurant, Polish, European, $$$

Mleczarnia is a quaint little bakery, café and morning spot all in one. Serving homemade pastries, good coffee and decent brunches, this is a popular venue in the shadow of the city’s famous White Stork Synagogue. It is a cosy and relaxed restaurant with good salads and bread as well, and it’s open daily from 8 a.m.

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Cafe, French, Mediterranean, $$$
Giselle is a fantastic French-style bakery and café located in the Old Town of Wrocław. The interior is dominated by wooden furniture and monochromatic, white-and-grey décor, while in the background you will hear French music. The specialty of this place is the ‘Giselle breakfast set’, which comprises freshly baked bread (prepared in the café), a butter croissant, honey, jam, Bonne Maman crème, and orange juice – a true French breakfast. You can also try an omelette with cheese and ham or the savoury ‘Croque’ toasts.
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Dwie Małpy (Two Monkeys)

Cafe, Polish, $$$

This café, which translates as ‘two monkeys’, is for people in a hurry; there is not much space to hang out for hours, but it opens early so it is perfect for an early morning coffee and cake. Dwie Małpy also has good hot chocolate and a range of teas, as well as a big selection of homemade cakes and healthy fruit cocktails. The café is located just next to the Old Town Market Square and is a few minutes from the Oder River.

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