The Best Bars in Sopot, Poland

Spatif Bar, Sopot | © Northern Irishman in Poland
Spatif Bar, Sopot | © Northern Irishman in Poland
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18 September 2017

The Polish seaside town of Sopot is a great place for those who like to drink and enjoy a relaxing time by the Baltic Sea. Tourists flock here in their droves in the summer months, making the town one of Poland’s busiest holiday resorts. As well as offering a range of great things to see and do, Sopot has a diverse and lively selection of bars to choose from. This list shows you some of the best.

Browar Miejski Sopot

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For locally brewed beer, head to the trendy Browar Miejski in Sopot, which is situated on Sopot’s main strip – Bohaterów Monte Cassino. For beer lovers, there are four stunning options on the menu – American Red, Pszeniczne (wheat), Pils (light) and Ciemne (dark), also available on a four glass sample tray. Foodwise, some traditional Polish dishes are on the hearty menu, with four types of soup, including a Soup of the Day (Zupa Dnia) and the ever popular Chłodnik (cold Polish summer soup made from beetroot). The pierogi here is also recommended.


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Spatif Bar, Sopot
Spatif Bar, Sopot | © Northern Irishman in Poland

Simply put, Spatif is Sopot’s legendary hang out for the areas budding creatives. It is a famous meeting place for writers and artists. It’s not just the people that make this place special. The interior decor is as artistic as they come, and if you get a window seat towards the pier side of the bar, you can sip cocktails against stunning sunsets.


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Retromaniak, Sopot
Retromaniak, Sopot | © Northern Irishman in Poland

Retromaniak is exactly as its title suggests – it’s a retro themed pub, owing its interior design to days of yore, when Poland was a communist country known as PRL (Polska Rzeczpospolita Ludowa). Inside, expect a range of cool beers (having a range being ironic here of course), board games and nik naks representing the old times. The bar is also situated away from the main strip and main bars in Sopot, so this makes for an interesting diversion.

Cocktail Bar Max

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Cocktail Bar Max, situated on Grunwaldzka and very close to the beach is the best place in town to sample delicious cocktails. A trademark menu serves cocktails with fresh fruit and juice to perfection. These cocktails, are huge, elaborate and make for the perfect Instagram photo. Head in here late afternoon to secure a seat and fast service just before it gets busy. Prices may eclipse other cocktail venues in town, but it’s worth the extra cash, this venue also has long opening hours (from 9 am all the way until 5 am the next day).

Jack's Bar

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Often dubbed “the legendary Jack’s Bar”, this place is one of the most popular venues on Poland’s Baltic Coast. Jack’s has a U.S. style themed menu with superb cocktails to go and a neat range of Mexican food to satisfy your taste buds. A typical Amarican bar scene exists inside, with the well decorated bar containing photos, number plates and neon signs, giving Sopot a little taste of the States.

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3 Siostry (3 Sisters)

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A stylish venue with a somewhat quirky interior, with shoes and bottles hang from the ceiling, the 3 Siostry (3 Sisters) is a popular local venue, which, you’ve guessed it is actually managed by 3 sisters! They have a homemade strawberry vodka on the menu, a pumping dance floor, cosy seats and a consistently good reputation. You can also enjoy live music here.

Dwie Zmiany

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Dwie Zmiany has perhaps the most peculiar appeal of all the bars in Sopot. The reason being, it feels like a bar, a pub, a cafe and an art gallery all in one! The pub’s name translates as “two changes” but takes this name from a beer brewed in Poland’s Warmia region. It makes a great stop off on a pub crawl, or on route to the beach. At weekends it is open until 3 am.

Zła Kobieta

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Another enticing title of a bar in Sopot is Zła Kobieta, which means “bad girl”, a popular haunt for Sopot’s young and trendy party go-ers. The bar is housed inside Sopot’s crazy looking “Crooked House” and gets packed at weekends in the summer months. The bar menu features fancy cocktails and a range of shots designed to liven your spirits ready to get on the dance floor. It’s a late night venue, you can party until 5 am.