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The Best Bars In Poznań, Poland
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The Best Bars In Poznań, Poland

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Updated: 25 July 2017
Poznań has been one of Poland’s most important centers since the 7th century, and it is full of beautiful historic architecture and modern Polish vitality. If you want to get the measure of this city then join the locals on a night out here. We list the best bars to enjoy some Polish spirit at.
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Fort Colomb

During the weekend, Fort Colomb organizes rock concerts and other musical events, which is a good reason to make the journey here. The lively atmosphere of this place is another, offset by the relaxed dim lighting and the characterful old brick walls. This bar is an excellent place to watch football games or relax after a day in the park with friends.

Fort Colomb, ul. Powstańców Wielkopolskich, Poznań, Poland, +48 609 990 282

Poznań's streets | © Xenograft/Flickr
Poznań’s streets | © Xenograft/Flickr
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The theme of Proletaryat revolves around Communism and its history in Poland. Everything, from the design of the bar’s interior to its menu and the introductory ‘manifest’ on their website is reminiscent of Poland’s times under Communism. Luckily the atmosphere, extensive drinks list and vibe of the place keep you in the far more comfortable present day.

Proletaryat, ul. Wroclawska 9, Poznań, Poland, +48 507 173 608

The 'Proletaryat' bar | © Molesworth II/Flickr
The ‘Proletaryat’ bar | © Molesworth II/Flickr
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Van Gogh

This artistic bar displays all sort of works on its walls, ranging from the reproductions of the work of Van Gogh to local artists’ creations. It has two big floors with the capacity to host a hundred guests, but enough cozy corners to make a drink with a friend equally enjoyable.

Van Gogh, ul. Żydowska 12, Poznań, Poland, +48 61 853 06 90

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This is the best shisha bar in the city, located in the picturesque Old Town. If you are into shisha smoking, this place offers an opportunity to base the water pipe on something else than water, why not try ice, rum, wine, or champagne.

Sisha, ul. Taczaka 15, Poznań. Poland, +48 500 372 372

The Chopin Park | © Daniel/Flickr
The Chopin Park | © Daniel/Flickr
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Dubliner is an Irish pub with amazing beer and whisky and a wide selection of lunch or dinner dishes. The beer menu includes Guinness and Polish ‘Tyskie’ while the whisky menu offer spirits such as Glenmorangie, Glenfiddich and Ardberg.

Dubliner, sw. Marcina 80/82, Poznań, Poland, +48 61 851 01 69

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Blue Note

On the edge of Poznań’s Old Town, near Mickiewicz Park and the Opera stands one of Poznań’s best music clubs, Blue Note. Located in the Imperial Castle, this place hosts jazz concerts by the finest Polish and international jazz artists.

Blue Note, ul. Kościuszki 79, Poznań, Poland, +48 61 851 04 08