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The Best Bars In Podgorze, Krakow
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The Best Bars In Podgorze, Krakow

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Updated: 9 February 2017
The Podgorze district is one for those who enjoy discovering off-the-beaten-track spots, or bars outside the comfort zone of Krakow. Yes, there is life outside the Stare Miasto, so take a look at this selection of bars on offer in the district of Podgorze.
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From outside, Fabryka might be mistaken for a depleted, post-industrial space without any purpose. Look again! The revolutionizing team behind this alternative club have brought Krakow’s edgy vibe to its old industrial heartland. The creativity of this place is never-ending, while beer festivals and DJ sets adorn the events calendar no end.

Address & telephone: Fabryka, ul. Zabłocie 23, Krakow, Poland, 48 530 053 551

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Drukarnia is a famous cafe-bar with a passion for New Orleans blues, jazz and a whole host of other performances. Come to the other side of the Vistula River and taste their fine latte coffees while reading a book at one of the comfy booths. At night, expect a booming resident crowd and plenty of music issuing out from the underground stages.

Address & telephone: Drukarnia, ul. Nadwiślańska 1, Krakow, Poland, +48 12 656 65 60

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Cawa is the ultimate chill-out cafe-bar; perfect for casual conversation and coffee sipping. The international cuisine is mouth-watering to say the least, including the likes of Asian salad with a poached egg, peanuts and chili or chicken-avocado spring rolls. The music is as indie as the atmosphere and the night always starts with a fresh mojito, a good conversation and a sunset.

Address & telephone: Cawa, ul. Nadwiślańska 1/6, Krakow, Poland, +48 691 74 11 98

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Krako Slow Wines at Lipowa 6F

Slow Wines at Lipowa 6F is one of the city’s most refined tasting joints. Designed to look modern amidst an industrial space, this one offers up oodles of interesting reds and whites (and bubblies) to the budding sommelier, along with platters of bespoke cheeses and cold cuts. Of course, there are also coffees for the day time!

Address & telephone: Lipowa 6F, Krakow, Poland, +48 669 22 52 22

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Club Oko

Photographers will rejoice in Club Oko, where passion for everything camera coalesces at the bar and informs most all conversations. The avant-garde cafe comprises an encyclopedia of photography and oodles of paraphernalia related to the big screen. Drinks wise, expect the usual selection of coffee and Polish beers.

Address & telephone: Club Oko, Ulica Wegierska 1, Krakow, Poland, +48 12 423 5979

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Podgórski Salon Degustacyjny

One part delicious venue for meat lovers, the Podgórski Salon Degustacyjny is also half whiskey bar. By day customers can indulge in the mouth-watering meat delicacies on the menu, while night means bourbons and ryes galore. Almost 20 types of whiskey await connoisseurs and amateurs alike and the steaks are great for working up an appetite for the brown stuff.

Address & telephone: Podgórski Salon Degustacyjny, Kalwaryjska 26, Podgórze, Kraków Krakow, Poland, +48 881 313 231

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Café-bar Rekawka is a favorite place to have a good coffee with a dab of liquor. The vintage interior has its own special charm. The selection of books in the library is impressive, while wine and vodka are present for those in need of something stronger.

Address & telephone: Cafe Rekawka, ul. Brodzinskiego 4b, Krakow, Poland, +48 12 296 20 02