The 6 Most Beautiful Wild Beaches in Poland

Lubiewo Beach | © Jonny Blair / Northern Irishman in Poland
Lubiewo Beach | © Jonny Blair / Northern Irishman in Poland
Photo of Jonny Blair
21 September 2017

Despite losing some of its northern coastline to Russia and Lithuania over the years, what Poland does have on its Baltic Sea coast is completely worth checking out and often mind-blowing. A stunning selection of Polish beaches span from the edge of Kaliningrad in Russia right to the German border. Most tourists love the beaches in Sopot, Gdynia, and Świnoujście, but these six wilder options will totally blow you away by their beauty, tranquility and quirkiness. You might just find that little bit of peace.

The 6 Most Beautiful Wild Beaches in Poland | © Northern Irishman in Poland


Although Międzyzdroje beach is probably the most “touristic” on this list, you can really escape the crowds here even on the hottest summer days. Walking along the coast to either side from Międzyzdroje‘s central point (the main pier), you can find quiet bars, hidden sand dunes, and great places to chill out. The key places to get a real taste of the wild and wilderness are just north of the Biała Gora (White Mountain) and on the edge of the Zagroda Pokazowa Żubrów park. Day and night, though, Międzyzdroje’s main beach is a hive of activity.

72-511 Miedzyzdroje, Poland

Łeba and Słowiński National Park

This is where your sandy dreams really come to life. Head beyond the lovely coastal town of Łeba and hire some bikes to head through the forest at Słowiński National Park. This is a huge national park and nature reserve on Poland’s Baltic coastline. It has trees, plants, and some unusual aquatic bird species. But the highlight is likely the presence of the huge, shifting sand dunes, shaped by wind. North of the saltwater Łebsko Lake, Łącka Dune has scintillating views of the Baltic Sea. In the nearby town of Smołdzino, the Natural History Museum explains the Słowiński National Park’s ecosystem. While the park does get busy, due to its size you can always find your freedom from the masses.

Słowiński National Park, Bohaterów Warszawy 1A, 76-214 Smołdzino, Poland


The very mention of the word “Hel” to any tourist coming to Poland evokes images of a devilish or dangerous place that should be avoided, no doubt thanks to the English word “Hell.” However, ignore and block out those images, as this place is a complete paradise! It is a peninsula that can either be reached by land from Władysławowo or by boat from places such as Gdynia, Sopot, or Gdańsk. Once you “arrive in Hel,” there is no shortage of beach options. The main town itself gets busy in summer months, but there are some many wild and tranquil spots along the coast. Bird watchers also love the variety of species in this region.

Hel Peninsula, 84-150, Poland

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While the superb beaches of Międzyzdroje are packed on hot summer days, take a few kilometers’ walk further up the coast to discover the more unusual and calm Lubiewo beach. It’s very popular in summer, but with a difference. This is a nudist beach where shedding your clothes is the done thing. So take your clothes off and go from a swim in the calm waters. The place is absolutely stunning at sunrise, and nudist beaches in Poland are not so common, so put it on your list.

Plaża Naturystyczna LGBT FKK Strand – Lubiewo, Poland

Brzeźno, Gdańsk

The only city-based beach to feature is the Brzeźno beach in Gdańsk. It’s nice to know that even in Gdańsk, there are cool places to find your peace, not far from the big city. Once you arrive at Brzeźno beach, take a short walk along the coast to find much more secluded spots. Anywhere north of the pier and on the route to Sopot should provide you with more tranquility and calmness than you expected. In winter, even the main beach and pier area are bereft of tourists, you’ll perhaps meet the odd dog walker only.

Brzeźno Beach, 80-001 Gdańsk, Poland

Kąty Rybackie

Towards the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, you will find yet another hidden gem on Poland’s Baltic Coast. Here at Kąty Rybackie is a completely tranquil beach area on a thin peninsula. In summer months, there is also a scenic train ride that takes you here. In terms of bird species, the cormorants live here and make for interesting viewing. There is a small church, and the village itself has a tiny population of 712. For those interested in history, the former German Death Camp of Stutthof is also nearby and operates as a museum and memorial to those who perished.

Kąty Rybackie, 82-110, Poland

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