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The Best Cafés In Old Town, Olsztyn
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The Best Cafés In Old Town, Olsztyn

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Olsztyn, the city of 15 lakes, is home to some wonderful cafés. Most Polish cafés double as a pastry shop, providing their guests with the option of a sinfully delicious dessert of cakes, waffles, and homemade ice cream. These cafés are where you will find some of the best coffee and tea, not to mention delectable desserts, in the Old Town of Olsztyn.
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House Café

House Café is located in the center of the Old Town, opposite the Old Town Hall. Its interior creates a warm and inviting atmosphere with comfortable armchairs, sofas and colorful pillows, paintings on the walls and books and board games available for guests. During the warmer months, there is an outdoor seating area available for guests with seats under umbrellas. Often you’ll find local university students working here on their dissertations and projects, and during the winter months the café has a feeling of a Hogwarts common room. If you would like a bite to eat with your coffee, try the almond cake. They also have other mouth-watering treats like waffles, muffins, ice cream, sandwiches and tarts. The café also offers a variety of classic and flavored coffee such as the indulgent Nutella or Rafaello coffees or the Café Affogato (a double shot of espresso with ice cream). Apart from coffee, the café also serves healthy smoothies, freshly squeezed fruit juices, and a variety of Chinese and English teas, as well as seasonal items.

Stare Miasto, 10-959 Olsztyn, Poland, +48 881 349 388

Coffee Station

Located near the St. John’s Bridge, this café strives to serve their customers freshly ground coffee, keeping in mind all the small details in its preparation. They also offer a lunch menu, on-site baked homemade cakes, smoothies, and freshly pressed juices,as well as gluten-free options. The secret to their great coffee is the knowledge and passion the baristas possess. The customers rave about their cappuccino and meringue cake. The interior is light, bright and inviting with light wooden tables and chairs and accents of fresh flowers. There is also an outdoor patio where visitors can recline on couches with bright pillows. Coffee Station is a great place to sit for a long time with a great book or your laptop.

Prosta 18/22, 10-029 Olsztyn, Poland, +48 601 362 232

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Słodycz Tej Krainy

This family run café started in 1974, and was the first ice-cream parlor to open in Olsztyn’s Old Town. Its spacious and sleek modern layout highlights the stars of this café, which are beautifully decorated and vibrant desserts, ranging from biscuits, cheesecakes, and cakes, all of which are a feast for the eyes, and are as delicious as they look. This pastry shop also serves hot and cold drinks like coffee, chocolate and tea. All the products are made fresh right on the premises with ingredients used from the best European manufacturers, many of which come locally from Warmia. Originally named Margo, the café went through a renovation and was renamed Słodycz Tej Krainy (The Sweetness of the Land). If you have a sweet tooth and like to enjoy a nibble with your coffee or tea this is the perfect place for you.

Hugona Kołłątaja 23, 10-034 Olsztyn, Poland, +48 89 527 42 41

Café Venezia

Cafe Venezia is a small pastry shop, where you can relax with coffee or tea and a cookie. Their modern and elegant interior is inviting with tones of beige and white and accents of black, and the café also boasts a large outdoor seating area. They offer a wide array of cakes and pastries that are not only visually appealing but appetizing as well. Café Venezia also has numerous different types of coffee and tea, crema, cappuccino, latte, latte macchiato, and teas made from natural and exotic ingredients, sure to satisfy any visitor. But the café doesn’t stop there! They also offer hot chocolate, fresh juices, smoothies and waffles with toppings, and during spring-summer, ice cream and desserts. What makes this place unique is that you can also make your own dessert.

Hugona Kołłątaja 5, 11-041 Olsztyn, Poland, +48 721-924-455

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Herbaciarnia Zen

The story of this café began when it started as a tea shop in 1997, before transforming into a café. Herbaciarnia Zen provides the best traditional teas from around the world with over 100 different kinds. Although they specialize in teas, they do offer hot chocolate, delicious apple pie with ice cream, coffee (40 different kinds), wines and meads, and most importantly a charming atmosphere. With a dimly lit minimalist Japanese style décor, it’s a great place to come in for moments of peace. Guests can sip on tea seated on either conventional chairs or ‘Japanese style’, on cushions arranged on the floor. The presentation of the tea, just like the cozy tearoom, is served traditionally, you can get the yerba mate tea served in a gourd with a bombilla straw. During the summer months guests are invited to eat and sip their tea on tables outside.

Okopowa 23, 11-041 Olsztyn, Poland, +48 89 535 15 59