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The 10 Best Restaurants In Olsztyn
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Olsztyn

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Warmia and Masuria are home to many lakes and a whole host of traditions. They are especially rich in Polish culinary heritage, and there’s arguably nowhere better to dine and explore the Slavic flavors of the region than in the pretty city of Olsztyn. Here’s our guide to 10 of the area’s best restaurants.
Olsztyn Cathedral at night | © Dominik Tyniw/WikiCommons/Public Domain
Olsztyn Cathedral at night | © Dominik Tyniw/WikiCommons/Public Domain
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Plankton is located just next to Ukiel Lake close to Olsztyn. The interior of the restaurant is modern and, together with the amazing Warmia landscape, creates a great visual effect. Plankton uses products from the region throughout, along with organic crops, offering up a mix of innovative reworkings and timeless Polish classics.

Address: Plankton, Jeziorna 8B, Olsztyn, Poland,+48 89 333 50 18

Cudne Manowce

Cudne Manowce Restaurant took its name from a poem written by one of the best bards in Polish history, Edward Stachura. This restaurant has a rustic feel to it and has garnered awards for championing the heritage of the local region’s culinary traditions. All-in-all, this one’s a great choice for those looking to discover the classics of Warmia and Masuria.

Address: Cudne Manowce, Bolesława Chrobrego 4, Olsztyn, Poland, +48 89 535 03 95

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Malta Cafe Restaurant

Located in the heart of the Old Town, between the Olsztynian Cathedral and High Gate, Malta Cafe is known for its great Italian kitchen. The menu is original and based on current trends in European cuisine as well as traditions of different regions of the continent. Malta offers two floors to choose from: on the ground floor there are 35 seats, and downstairs there is a monumental hall for around 100 people. On warm days it is also possible to sit outside and enjoy the sights of the Old City.

Address: Malta Café, Lelewela 6A, Olsztyn, Poland, +48 89 527 11 00

Česká Hospoda

Česká Hospoda has a great choice of Czech beverages. Patrons can also enjoy a great selection of Czech wines, rums and stronger tipples too, like herbal bitters or plum brandy. You can also try some traditional Czech cuisine – from fried cheese to delicious honey-walnut cakes.

Address: Česká Hospoda, Plac Targ Rybny 14, Olsztyn, Poland, +48 506 537 070

Restauracja Olsztyńska

Restauracja Olsztyńska is located in the center of Olsztyn, in an eclectic-style building from the 19th century. Meals served are a fusion of culinary traditions of the region with international trends, using only fish and meat from small local farms.

Address: Restauracja Olsztynska, Dąbrowszczaków 28, Olsztyn, Poland, +48 89 512 41 41

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Corner Cafe

Corner Cafe is a restaurant with a Mediterranean climate. It offers a wide selection of meat and fish-based dishes, as well as vegetarian ones. The restaurant has its own ecological plantation from which all the vegetables served are sourced. It also has its own fish farm, and the interior is elegant and relaxing.

Address: Restauracja Corner Café, ul. Dąbrowszczaków 8/9B, Olsztyn, Poland, +48 89 527 57 26

Horses in the Olsztyn Old Town | © icanlearnenglish/Flickr
Horses in the Olsztyn Old Town | © icanlearnenglish/Flickr
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Chilli Restaurant

Located in the city center, close to the banks of the Łyna River, Chilli is not a typical Polish restaurant. Most people in Olsztyn recognize it more as a cocktail bar but there’s also a good food menu with dishes such as fine fish soup with saffron, and salmon smoked in a green tea reek.

Address: Chilli Coctail Bar and Restaurant, Hugona Kołłątaja 1, Olsztyn, Poland, +48 89 534 03 21

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Pierogarnia Bruner

When asked about the most popular Polish many would answer pierogi without hesitation. Pierogi are a kind of dumplings with either a savory or sweet filling cooked in boiling water. Pierogarnia Bruner is the place to try them in Olsztyn, offering pierogi with traditional stuffing like sauerkraut and mushrooms, but also sophisticated fillings like turkey, paprika, mushrooms and bechamel sauce.

Address: Pierogarnia Bruner, Stare Miasto 26/27, Olsztyn, Poland, +48 89 521 02 74

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Port is located in the bay of Lake Ukiel. The restaurant pays a lot of attention to the visual attractiveness of the meals it serves. The kitchen offers a wide range of oriental dishes: the meals, range from woks to soups and food is prepared from the freshest produce available.

Address: Port, Żeglarska 4, Olsztyn, Poland, +48 89 6519000

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Restauracja Zamkowa

Just next to the medieval castle, in the middle of Olsztyn’s Old Town and surrounded by a park, Restauracja Zamkowa boasts a beautiful garden and a truly stylish and interesting interior. Zamkowa serves breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts. The kitchen predominantly offers traditional dishes of the old Polish cuisine.

Address: Restauracja Zamkowa, Okopowa 25, Olsztyn, Poland, +48 89 527 68 67