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The 10 Best Places for Coffee in Warsaw
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The 10 Best Places for Coffee in Warsaw

Picture of Olga Lenczewska
Updated: 9 February 2017
Whether you are in your hometown or travelling, whether you are on a work schedule or free from any commitments, one thing does not change: you need to, or simply enjoy, taking a break and sipping a cup of good coffee. Whether you prefer a classic or an eccentric one, have a look at our list of the ten best places for coffee in Warsaw, Poland’s capital city.
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Pożegnanie z Afryką

Cosmopolitan coffee beans

This café and shop was the first coffee-specialized shop in the country. The grains the café uses come from all sorts of places, such as central and Latin America, east Africa, and south Asia. When you order your coffee, you can choose from over ten ways of coffee percolation. Pożegnanie z Afryką is located on the famous Krakowskie Przedmieście running street next to Warsaw’s old town.

Price: Mid-range

Opening hours: 9 am-9 pm (winter), 8 am-10 pm (summer)

Watch out for: the various ways of coffee percolation

Address & telephone number: Pożegnanie z Afryką, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 62, Warsaw, Poland, +48 510 233 455

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The Pictures Art-Bar-Café

Gourmet coffee in artsy surroundings

This café and cocktail bar has a modern, artistic design, enhanced by live music, contemporary photographs, and walls painted in red. You can order a delicious Rafaello coffee that comes with coconut, white chocolate, hazelnuts, and whipped cream, or a caramel coffee. Since the place offers a wide selection of cocktails, it also has alcoholic coffees with liquors. The menu also includes hot food – pastas, salads, and cheeseburgers among other dishes.

Price: Mid-range

Opening hours: from noon until the last client (Monday-Friday), from 3 pm until the last client (Saturday-Sunday)

Watch out for: the Rafaello coffee

Address & telephone number: The Pictures Art-Bar-Café, ul. Chmielna 26, Warsaw, Poland, +48 22 826 17 83

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A dose of art with your coffee

Telimena, named after a literary character from the most important work of Polish literature, A. Mickiewicz’s ‘Pan Tadeusz’, is one of the oldest cafés in Warsaw. Dating back to the beginning of the 19th century, it comprises an art gallery, a small concert hall, and often hosts other exhibitions and meetings with the people from the art world. Telimena serves both traditional and flavored coffee as well as cakes (tiramisu, apple pie, and others).

Price: Mid-range

Opening hours: 7 am-11 pm

Watch out for: the art gallery & concert hall

Address & telephone number: Telimena, ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 27, Warsaw, Poland, +48 509 137 999

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Café Próżna

World War II remembrance

This café features memorabilia from before World War II: photographs, albums, and music. It is located on the only street that fully survived the war despite belonging to the Jewish ghetto at the time. It also has another room dedicated to a gallery featuring artworks made of glass and their creation process. In Próżna, you can sample traditional coffee, coffee with hazelnut cream or cinnamon, flavored hot chocolates, a special ginger drink that warms you up, and a variety of teas. The menu offers also a number of cakes, sweet and savory pancakes, and other savory dishes.

Price: Mid-range

Opening hours: 10 am-11 pm (Monday-Thursday & Sunday), 10 am-midnight (Friday-Saturday)

Watch out for: the WWII memorabilia & the special ginger drink

Address & telephone number: Café Próżna, ul. Próżna 12, Warsaw, Poland, +48 22 620 32 57

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Filtry Café

Hipster café with a conscience

Filtry Café, a casual, hipster coffee place in the central Stara Ochota quarter of Warsaw, serves coffee of very good quality, of Kenyan, Ethiopian, or Costa Rican origin. It is known for its excellent espresso and the unique, tasty brownie cake with sea salt. Filtry often organizes thematic events and eagerly participates in international initiatives, such as the world yoga day. On Sunday, you may sample the unique parsley pesto or the vegan mayo made of beans.

Price: Mid-range

Opening hours: 8 am-9 pm (Monday-Friday), 10 am-9 pm (Saturday), 10 am-8 pm (Sunday)

Watch out for: the espresso & brownie cake with sea salt

Address & telephone number: Filtry Café, ul. Niemcewicza 3, Warsaw, Poland, +48 508 221 432

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Ministerstwo Kawy

Arabica coffee & a view

Ministerstwo Kawy uses arabica coffee that comes directly from planters, from Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and Brazil. The café uses two percolation methods: drip and aeropress. Located in the center of Warsaw just behind the Plac Zbawiciela square, Ministerstwo Kawy is an elegant place that is full of light and wide windows that overlook the historic Church of the Holiest Saviour.

Price: Mid-range

Opening hours: 9 am-10 pm (Monday-Friday), 10 am-10 pm (Saturday & Sunday)

Watch out for: the decor and view of the church

Address & telephone number: Ministerstwo Kawy, ul. Marszałkowska 27/35, Warsaw, Poland, +48 503 080 906

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Famous literary café

Tarabuk is Warsaw’s most famous literary café. It offers a tasty honey latte with cardamom and a honey latte with chili. You can also get fruit cocktails, lemonade, and flavored ginger drinks. The dessert selection includes meringues, ginger cookies, and vegan cakes. Tarabuk’s literature offerings which you may buy or just read inside presents a wide range of well-known as well as unknown writers who express different viewpoints and come from culturally diverse backgrounds; mainly books on cultural anthropology, travel, children’s literature, and poetry collections.

Price: Mid-range

Opening hours: 10 am-10 pm (Monday-Friday), 11 am-10 pm (Saturday & Sunday)

Watch out for: the honey latte with cardamom or chili & the rich literature

Address & telephone number: Tarabuk, ul. Browarna 6, Warsaw, Poland, +48 22 827 08 14

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Między Słowami

Class, color & croissants

This classy and colorful café located in the very center of the city offers delicious croissants with jam or honey and yogurt and fruit muesli. In the summertime you can sit outside in the café’s spacious and elegant terrace. The extraordinarily large selection of coffee features latte with honey and cinnamon, the Italian espresso affogato with ice cream, and coffee with various liquors: Amaretto, Baileys, Kahlua, Cointreau. You can also order chai made of milk, flavored hot chocolate, and lesser known types of tea.

Price: Budget

Opening hours: 7:30 am-11 pm (Monday-Saturday), 8:30 am-11 pm (Sunday)

Watch out for: the delicious croissants

Address & telephone number: Między Słowami, ul. Chmielna 30, Warsaw, Poland, +48 (22) 826 74 68

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Café Relax

Coffee, culture & kizomba

Café Relax is a tiny, cozy café located near one of the most important streets in Warsaw, ul. Marszalkowska, between the iconic Palace of Culture and Science and the old town. The café, designed in a hippy and modern way and full of colorful artworks and hand-written menus, often organizes live music and dancing evenings in its garden, particularly focused on the sensual kizomba, a dance that originated in Angola.

Price: Mid-range

Opening hours: 8 am-11 pm (Mon-Thu), 8 am-midnight (Fri), 10:30 am-midnight (Sat), 10:30 am-10 pm (Sun)

Watch out for: the live music & dance evenings

Address & telephone number: Café Relax, ul. Złota 8A, Warsaw, Poland, +48 22 827 35 65

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Same Fusy

Sit on a barrel & smoke shisha

Same Fusy (literally ‘Just grounds’) is a tea room, a café, and a restaurant. Located in an old tenement house, it is filled with relaxing dimmed light. One of the rooms has barrels on which you can sit at the bar, whilst the other one offers you flavored shisha. The 50 types of coffee served at Same Fusy come from India, Africa, and South America. Amongs them, you can try coffee with cardamon or coffee served in a moka pot.

Price: Mid-range

Opening hours: 11 am-11 pm

Watch out for: the 50 types of coffee

Address & telephone number: Same Fusy, ul. Nowomiejska 10, Warsaw, Poland, +48 22 635 90 14