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Viny Pub|Courtesy of Vinyl Pub
Viny Pub|Courtesy of Vinyl Pub
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The 10 Best Bars In Olsztyn, Poland

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Updated: 9 February 2017
In the north east of Poland lies the medieval Olsztyn, largely influenced by gothic architecture. It is a small but vibrant place with most bars and pubs gathered mainly around the Old Town, Stare Miasto. Here are the best.
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Highlander Whisky Bar

With more than 100 different kinds of whisky available in the cellar of this bar, Highlander Whisky Bar is by far a beloved destination for lovers of the Irish’s favorite spirit. The bar is located in the Old Town of Olsztyn and offers its space for any kinds of events, from music concerts to fashion shows and even business meetings. The menu, however, isn’t limited to just whisky selections but all kinds of drinks, cocktails and coffees are available. The bar also serves a variety of hot meals and snacks for lunch or dinner.

Stare Miasto 29/32, Olsztyn,Poland, +48 89 521 53 00

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Irish Pub Carpenter Inn

As one of the most popular pubs in the square of the Old Town, the Carpenter Inn is an Irish-style pub that is very easy to spot due to its light green walls and signs. Here, it is very common to come across a rock concert or a themed party on the first floor while screenings of sports events are a must in the daily agenda of the ground floor. The menu includes hot drinks, a large variety of beers, spirits and wines while some snacks options can also be found.

Stare Miasto 3, Olsztyn, Poland, +48 508 468 230

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Revolver Rock Café

A fake electric guitar hanging above the entrance door, a poster of the hot lips Rolling Stones logo and the image of Kurt Cobain is enough to be certain that Revolver is the ultimate rock spot in Olsztyn. Local bands like to perform here since the cafe and bar regularly hosts small gigs for live music lovers. In the bar all kinds of alcoholic drinks are served while coffee and snacks are also available. The music events can be easily tracked on their Facebook page.

Joachima Lelewela 4, Olsztyn, +48 661 509 102

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Farscha cafe and pub exudes an Oriental flare in Olsztyn. Colorful knitted cushions, curtains and covers on the low benches decorate the space. The guests can enjoy smoking flavored shisha that comes in a large variety of different tastes such as orange, lemon, mint, peach, banana, apple, watermelon and cherry. The space regularly hosts film screenings, photo exhibitions and belly dancing nights. The guests can treat themselves to aromatic coffee, tea, chocolate, all kinds of alcoholic drinks while meal options are also available.

Lelewela 7, Olsztyn, Poland, +48 725 373 273

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Vinyl Pub

Music echoes around the Vinyl Pub exclusively through electronic gramophones, giving the space a charming and nostalgic atmosphere, while a wide range of vinyl record covers decorate the walls. This pub, located in the heart of the Old Town, is memorable for two things: the finest of music and the large selection of beers. The cellar contains a wide variety of lagers. Here, they always make sure to renew the collection of drinks, so customers can taste some of the best local and international beers.

Ulica Piastowska 4a, Olsztyn, Poland +48 666 247 218

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Galeria Sowa

Located at an idyllic location next to the gothic Castle of Warmian Bishops, Galeria Sowa is a space devoted to the arts; this bar is a fusion of an art gallery, a pub and a concert venue. During the day, customers can enjoy art and photography exhibitions. In the evening, music gigs are regularly scheduled to bring in local and international up-and-coming bands. Later at night, Galeria Sowa turns into a dance hall with the music selection including the blues and jazz genres while rock and reggae are also favorites.

Ulica Zamkowa 2, Olsztyn, Poland +48 895 353 194

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Browarnia Stara Warszawska

Browarnia Stara Warszawska is the place where beer lovers can always find something new to taste. In their cellar they keep more than 200 different kinds of beers, such as some of the best Polish beers. They also have brews from Lithuania, Ukraine, Germany, Czech Republic and of course some all-time-classic Belgians. The bar offers foosball tables and also screens football matches during the summer days; visitors can relax and enjoy their beer and snacks in the outdoor tables available. Some nights, Browarnia Stara Warszawska also hosts live music events.

Aleja Warszawska 29, Olsztyn, Poland

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Valhalla Pub

Valhalla Pub could easily be a Scandinavian explorer’s lodge, coming straight from the Viking era with skins, shields and swords covering the walls. Mainly made out of wood and steel material, from the floor to the bar, tables and chairs, Valhalla is a welcoming two-storey pub that goes perfectly with a warm shot or a cold lager. Outside at the back, an outdoors garden can be found for the warmer days.

Okopowa 24a, Olsztyn, Poland, +48 733 502 255

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Gratka Pub

Located at the heart of the Stare Miasto, Gratka Pub is a meeting point for students. Depending on the day the pub has something different to offer. Some days are devoted to board games. On Tuesdays, regional beers can be bought for cheap. On Wednesdays to Fridays, karaoke lovers can find their spot here while the rest of thr nights and during the weekend a foosball table, good music and cheap drinks are available for the customers.

Stare Miasto 26/27, Olsztyn, Poland, +48 506 990 208

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Sarmata Pub

Sarmata Pub has most possibly named itself after the term sarmata, word that was used to describe Poland in the 18th century. A spot mostly favored by locals of the city, the pub offers different options of entertainment to its customers: cards, chess, darts and a foosball table; live gigs featuring local bands also take place every week. The cava includes a wide range of drinks, beers and some snacks.

Sarmata Pub, Skłodowskiej Curie 28, Olsztyn, Poland +48 8953 53564