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The 10 Best Bars In Gdansk, Poland
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The 10 Best Bars In Gdansk, Poland

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Situated on the coast of the Baltic Sea, Gdansk is Poland’s main seaport and one of the country’s biggest tourist attractions. It boasts several important historical sites such as the so-called “Royal Road”, which once witnessed the times of Polish kings and dynasties, and is today also home to many boho bars and nightlife spots to suit just about anybody. We’ve round up our 10 favorites.
Gdansk old town at night
Gdansk oldtown at night | © Krzysztof Dąbrowski/Flickr
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Brovarnia hotel-restaurant, which looks over river Marina and the old town part of the city, is the most famous brewery in Gdansk. It is known for the three kinds of delicious beer it makes, which include a pale lager beer, a Schwarzbier (dark beer) and a Häfeweizen beer (wheat beer). Various beer-related events, such as Oktoberfest take place in the brewery throughout the year and it also works as a restaurant specializing in European cuisine.
Address: Brovarnia Gdansk, ul. Szafarnia 9, Gdansk, Poland, +48 58 320 19 70

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Café Absinthe

Often referred to as the bohemian bar of the city, Café Absinthe can look deceptively calm and quiet during the day. However, when the night comes it becomes a vibrant spot to hang out. The meeting place for the bohemians of the city, it offers unconventional music and a great list of drinks. The bar is famous for turning its tables into a dance floor and for crazy parties that go on until dawn during summer.
Address: Café Absinthe, Świętego Ducha 2, Gdansk, Poland, +48 58 320 37 84

Gdansk city hall and Długi Targ street
Gdansk city hall and Długi Targ street | © kishjar?/Flickr
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Café Kamienica

This two-level café decorated in beautiful boho style is as popular for a cup of coffee during the day as it is for a pint or two at night. Its artsy décor with strip-wood floors, antique furnishings, and the gables and gargoyles of Mariacka Street makes it a truly special place for a drink. When it gets warmer, the managers also open one of the best-looking terraces in Gdansk. Kamienica boasts “the best cake in town” too, but it also has a good beverage selection and is perfect for a cozy wine in the winter.
Address: Café Kamienica, ul. Mariacka 37/39, Gdansk, Poland

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High 5

This modern and classy terrace bar on the 5th floor of the Hilton hotel cannot help but make you feel like you’re in a Hollywood movie. You can enjoy a luxurious drink on a wood-decked terrace with a view to the River Motlawa and the rooftops of Gdansk’s old town, while the bar specializes in exotic cocktails. Plus the prices are not too high for such a swish looking joint.
Address: High 5, ul. Targ Rybny 1, Gdansk, Poland, +48 58 778 74 50

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Flisak 76

Flisak 76 boasts of a large cocktail list, which doesn’t include many traditional drinks but leans towards experimental concoctions with creative ingredient combinations. Whether it’s a rocket mojito or a pie plant cocktail you are going for, it is destined to be delicious. Though the bar is situated in a basement, the décor is beautiful, it includes many original vintage elements with faded tapestries and cozy armchairs.

Address: Flisak 76, Chlebnicka 9/10, Gdansk, Poland, +48 509 994 854

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Klub Parlament

A popular and energetic club in a central location, Parlament is a good choice for anyone wanting to experience the real Gdansk nightlife scene. One of the main features of the club is its spaciousness as it has three floors with different rooms for dancing and relaxation. The club is often listed as one of the best in the country and has hosted many Polish and international music stars, as well some independent film premiers and fashion shows. This one is great for people watching if you don’t mind crowds and want to have a wild night out in at a trendy spot in Gdansk.
Address: Klub Muzyczny Parlament, Świętego Ducha 2, Gdansk, Poland, +48 58 320 13 65

Gdansk waterfront
Gdansk waterfront

Browar Piwna

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Browar Piwna, Gdańsk | © Northern Irishman in Poland
Browar Piwna, Gdańsk | © Northern Irishman in Poland

Browar Piwna

Another cozy place to have a beer, Browar Piwna serves its brew homemade and with a range of tasty meals. Situated in the old town close to St. Mary’s church, this local brewery offers fresh, rich-tasting beers, described by some as the best in town. One of the things to try are flavored beers, like the well-loved cherry beer.
Address: Browar Piwna, Piwna 50/51, Gdansk, Poland, +48 58 301 39 24

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Jozef K

This bar’s quirky design with a mix of stained-glass windows, multicolored lightbulbs and a few trees planted in flower pots guarantees a good, fun and slightly weird environment to have a drink. The drinks are reasonably priced and one of the most popular is pear cider on draught. The bar also offers coffee and cake during the day in case you want to admire the creative decorations and avoid a hangover.
Address: Jozef K, ul. Piwna 1/2, Gdansk 80-831, Poland, +48 504 407 107

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A very cool and trendy bar, Pixel pub is famous not only for serving some of the best drinks in town but mainly for its fun and nerdy-chic atmosphere. The walls are decorated with quirky vintage posters, there are plenty of console and board games to suit anyone’s taste and you can even customize the lights in the toilet. Whether you’re there for a Super Mario match or a lush-looking Mojito, you will not be disappointed.
Address: Pixel, ul. Spichrzowa 22/1, Gdansk 80-750, Poland, +48 51 137 45 71

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Amsterdam Bar Beer & Bagels

Famous for stocking brews by local, independent and microbrewers, this bar offers more than 180 bottled and draft beers. Needless to say, it’s an ideal place for all beer lovers. The atmosphere is welcoming and laid-back and the selection of food is decent and very well prepared. The walls inside are decorated with retro beer-related posters and the interior is characterized by warm orange shades and cozy sofas.
Address: Amsterdam Bar Beer & Bagels, ul. Garbary 6/7, Gdansk, Poland, +48 58 717 29 39