Why You Should Visit Scandinavia's Longest Zipline in Norway

The Flåm valley is ideal for ziplining
The Flåm valley is ideal for ziplining | © Visit Flåm
Photo of Danai Christopoulou
31 August 2018

Descending 1,381 meters (4,530.84 feet) in a minute at a speed of 100 kilometers (62.14 miles) per hour, surrounded by mountains and fjords, the new zipline of Flåm valley is certainly not for the fainthearted. Here’s what you need to know about the longest zipline in the Nordic region that should be on your bucket list.

The importance of ziplining for the area

Long before it was considered an exhilarating sport, ziplines were used in the Flåm valley for practical reasons. The ziplines, many of which were operated just by gravity, were used for the transportation of goods like timber and hay – or animals and crops from the farms on the mountain. It is quite fitting, then, that it was a local farmer who got the idea of installing a zipline for tourists and travelers this summer from Vatnahalsen to Kårdalen. According to NRK, Pål Mikkel Dalsbotten has invested about one million Norwegian kroner towards creating the longest zipline in all the Nordics, and people are now starting to notice.

The wonders of Flåm valley

Flåm, nestled at the end of Aurlandsfjord, is truly an enchanting place. The scenery changes from fjord to lush forest to towering mountainsides with cascading waterfalls within an hour – if you’re on board the iconic Flåm Railway, that is. The train ride is definitely one way to take in the sights (as it goes slowly and stops at the most important views), but if you’re in the mood for something faster, you should descend at Vatnahalsen station and try the Flåm zipline.

Way down you’ll go

The top of the zipline is just a few minutes’ walk from the train station and will take you 305 meters closer to the water level in just one minute. The ride is 1,381 meters (4,530.84), and you’ll be reaching a speed of 100 kilometers (62.14 miles) per hour! In almost no time, you’ll be in Kårdalen where you can cool off from the adrenaline rush by visiting the Rallarrosa Cheese Farm nearby. Here you can relax and savor some unique cheeses, as well as make friends with the goats on the farm and tell them all about your ziplining adventure.

Flåm zipline 101

The zipline opened in early August and operates every day, from 10am–5pm. You are advised to use it responsibly, meaning only if you don’t have any health conditions, haven’t had a few drinks before or you don’t think you could be pregnant. If you have a bike or luggage with you, don’t worry; it will be sent down by the elevator and meet you when you land.

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