This Is How the World's Youngest Billionaire Travels

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Food Editor8 January 2018

The world’s youngest billionaire isn’t a Silicon Valley tech genius, isn’t called Saint or North West and doesn’t own a private plane gilded with solid gold.

In fact, their favourite way to get around is probably on horseback.

Alexandra Andreson is worth $1.2 billion and is a three-times junior dressage riding champion.

Wouldn't mind being back in Greece right now☔️❄️🌀 #wisheverydaywassummer

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Beautiful view

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Snorkeling in Greece🐠

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Ziplining from the Mehranrah Fort in Jodhpur😍👌🏻

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Hailing from Norway, her family is known for the companies Tiedemanns, a tobacco brand, and Ferd, an investment company, which she owns 42% of.

She received her fortune in 2007, when her father Johan Andreson transferred that percentage of the stock in Ferd to her. The company is the family’s, and is centuries old.

Her sister Katharina is the world’s second youngest billionaire, and also owns 42% of the company.

Fly me to the moon

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After falling off about 10 times…😅

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Beach, please🍹💁🏻🤙🏼

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Alexandra was only confirmed as the world’s youngest billionaire fairly recently. The Norwegian govenmernt publishes the tax returns of anyone over 17, so it wasn’t until then that her status was revealed.

Alexandra isn’t the champagne-toting, Rolex-wielding Instagram star that we might expect.

Judging by her Instagram, she spends a lot of time with her horses.


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But she’s not adverse to posting about her travels, which range from seeing elephants in Africa to zip-lining in India.

She’s not afraid to visit remote locations such as the continental rift – the gap between the Eurasian and American tectonic plates.

Alexandra often stays local, taking Fjordline ferry from Norway to Denmark.

Just came home from a wonderful easter with my mom, dad, boyfriend, Lucky and Tzar☀️❤

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Her boyfriend, Joachim Tollefsen, is sometimes lucky enough to tag along on her trips.

How would you travel if you had an unlimited budget?