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Youngstorget| © Tony H. Køhn /Flickr
Youngstorget| © Tony H. Køhn /Flickr

The 10 Best Restaurants In Youngstorget, Oslo

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Meaning “Young’s Square” in Norwegian, Youngstorget is located in downtown Oslo, The city hosts concerts, shows and markets and is home to a good number of top-notch restaurants. Whether you need a lunch break or a relaxing dinner, take a look at our guide to some of Youngstorget’s best restaurants.

Lokk | © Jan Tore Eriksen

Lokk | © Jan Tore Eriksen


The smart concept at the restaurant’s core is what they call ‘ufin dining,’ or ‘unfine dining,’ which is apparent in the way casual atmosphere meets high quality food and incredibly attentive service. Well known as the city’s first soup bistro, Lokk offers a wide range of constantly changing and seasonally based dishes.

Address & telephone number: Torggata 18, Oslo, +47 22112288




Two-thirds market, one-third restaurant, Fiskeriet is where you will find amazing fish soup, fresh oysters, delicious salmon burgers and the best fish and chips. Buy ingredients for your dinner or pop in for a meal accompanied by a glass of wine. Alternatively, order your meal to take-away at a reduced price and enjoy it by the lovely fountain across the street on a sunny day.

Address & telephone number: Youngstorget 2b, Oslo, +47 22424540




Grilleriet | © Grilleriet

Grilleriet | © Grilleriet


The food options, from meat to fish, are prepared on a charcoal grill which gives them a unique taste and juiciness. Grilleriet serves authentic flavors in a rustic cozy atmosphere, and the talented chefs do not hesitate to mix seasonal ingredients with exotic spices to create new divine tastes. Enjoy your meal sat around the open kitchen or at the restaurant area.

Address & telephone number: Folkepassasjen, Storgata 21-23, Oslo, +47 22835600


Rice Bowl

Rice Bowl is a small, casual Thai cafe with an oriental ambiance. Try one of the Asian dishes, mainly noodle ones, which are all delicious.

Address & telephone number: Youngs gate 4, Oslo, +47 22412006




Hell's Kitchen | © Hell's Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen | © Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen

Unmarked wooden doors on the corner just off the square mark the entrance to Hell’s Kitchen and Heaven’s pizza, beloved by locals for its relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy some tasty thin crust pizza accompanied by a drink.

Address & telephone number: Møllergata 23, Oslo, Norway, +4722112000



Specialized in traditional cuisine, this warm and casual restaurant is a wonderful find if you want to discover the culinary traditions of Scandinavia in a lively pub-like friendly atmosphere. Head into the first floor to find Dovrehallen, try their tasty, daily changing specials menu and enjoy an authentic taste of Europe’s northernmost treasure.

Address & telephone number: Storgata 22, Oslo, Norway +47 22172101




Klosteret | © Klosteret

Klosteret | © Klosteret


Meaning ‘Monastery,’ there is undoubtedly a touch of the divine in the ambiance and food served by this charming restaurant. Old brick arches lit by hundreds of candles, inspired Norwegian and European dishes along with an impressive wine list kept in the award-winning wine cellar create the setting for Klosteret, a unique space to spend some unforgettable moments.

Address & telephone number: Fredensborgveien 13, Oslo, Norway, +47 23354900




Fyret mat & drikke

Fyet mat & drikke is a cozy gastropub with the widest collection of the local flavored spirit. Learn how to drink it the right way, or choose some real ale as an alternative and satisfy your hunger with one of the simple yet delicious food choices.

Address & telephone number: Youngstorget 6, 0181 Oslo, Norway, +47 22205182




Arakataka | © Arakataka

Arakataka | © Arakataka


Arakataka is a lovely modern bistro serving seasonal Nordic and international fare. Order the set menu for some exciting combinations or ask for advice from the super friendly knowledgeable staff for a unique culinary experience.

Address & telephone number: Mariboes Gate 7, Oslo, Norway, +47 23328300




Stortorvets Gjæstgiveri

Housed in a building dating back to the 18th century, one of Oslo’s oldest restaurants offers remarkable Norwegian fare. From the varied menu to the interior, at Stortorvets Gjæstgiveri guests can eat and drink in historic surroundings. There’s also a free jazz concert every Saturday afternoon.

Address & telephone number: Grensen 1, Oslo, Norway, + 47 23 35 63 60