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Restaurant | Courtesy of Vino Veritas
Restaurant | Courtesy of Vino Veritas
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The 9 Best Restaurants In Grønland, Oslo

Picture of Linn Vardheim
Updated: 20 November 2017
As the district in Oslo with the highest percentage of immigrants, Grønland is a culturally vibrant and international neighborhood. The combination of the old and traditional with the new and changing Oslo is reflected in a diversity of cuisine. Here are the 9 best restaurants to try in Grønland.
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In the heart of Grønland lies an old charming building with a large backyard and a long history. Asylet, built in the 1730s, as an asylum for children, now serves a simple but tasty menu in a casual and down-to-earth atmosphere. The restaurant is a piece of country romance and serenity in the middle of Oslo, and is the perfect place for a summer meal or drink out in the sunshine. If you’re in the area during the colder months of the year, stop by to sit by a lit fireplace or taste some of their Christmas menu.

Grønland 28, Oslo Norway, +47 22 17 09 39

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Oslo Mekaniske Verksted

Oslo Mekaniske Verksted is a restaurant without food. Housed in an old industrial building, and connected to the Oslo House of Drama, lies this ‘restaurant’ and bar where people come to sit, have a drink, and are encouraged to bring their own food. The historic building therefore makes a great spot for a bite to eat before going to a performance, or just as a place away from home to enjoy an inexpensive meal.

Tøyenbekken 34, Oslo, Norway, +47 45 23 75 34

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Ali Baba

As a testament to the international flare of the area, Ali Baba serves authentic and delicious Turkish food. Popular among locals, and located centrally in Grønland, the restaurant creates an intimate and casual atmosphere in which you can feel free to enjoy an informal meal with friends or family. With an extensive menu of grilled meats, kebabs and moussaka, as well as some international contributions, Ali Baba offers a wholesome meal with flavors of the Turkish cuisine in Oslo’s most diverse district.

Tøyenga 2, Oslo, Norway, +47 22 17 22 22

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A true Grønland institution, Olympen is a popular restaurant serving Norwegian and continental classics. Presenting a three course menu, Olympen creates simple but tasty dishes for an honest and homely dining experience. The restaurant also offers a wide selection of beers, carefully selected and adapted to the seasons. A place with a truly unique atmosphere, and a local character inherited from the building’s brief stint as a theatre, the décor consists of dark wooden panelling, beautiful paintings and extravagant chandeliers.

Grønlandsleiret 15, Oslo, Norway, +47 24 10 19 99

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Dattera til Hagen

A colorful and hip addition to the Grønland scene is Dattera til Hagen, a restaurant, bar and concert venue. Tapas, sandwiches, burgers, pastas and good drinks can be found on the menu of this establishment. Stretching its reach over two floors, Dattera til Hagen hosts concerts and DJs, but also impromptu theater, debates, and talks. Enjoy an informal meal in a relaxing atmosphere, listen to good music, see stand-up and have a drink in the large backyard.

Grønland 10, Oslo, Norway, +47 22 17 18 61

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Punjab Tandoori

Perhaps the most popular curry restaurant in the area is Punjab Tandoori, where they serve just about any curry dish you can think of. High quality authentic Indian food finds its way quickly out of the kitchen and is sold at a very fair price, something that is also true of the selection of Indian beers kept in stock. Visit Punjab Tandoori for a quick and tasty meal packed with Indian spices.

Grønland 24, Oslo, Norway, +47 22 17 20 86

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Vino Veritas

Moving towards the outskirts of Grønland and towards the Old Town of Oslo, you may stumble upon Vino Veritas, a small bright restaurant. With a strong emphasis on the natural and organic, all food and wine served in Vino Veritas is 100% organic. In a charmingly modern and fresh interior, traditional Spanish and Mediterranean dishes such as mouth-watering paellas are served. Sourced from the family farm in Andalucia, Vino Veritas offers a truly authentic experience in the middle of Oslo.

Strømsveien 1, Oslo, Norway, +47 91 74 23 39

Restaurant | Courtesy of Vino Veritas
Restaurant | Courtesy of Vino Veritas

Venner Restaurant & Bar

In the very heart of Grønland, close to the central station and Oslo City, Venner Restaurant & Bar is a popular place for dinner before and after concerts in Oslo’s largest concert venue Oslo Spektrum, as well as the Opera, only a short walk away. With an extensive menu of both lunch and dinner dishes, wines and other drinks, this restaurant offers a very pleasant dining experience. And on top of that, it’s only a short walking distance away from some of Oslo’s largest and most central hotels.

Smalgangen 31, Oslo, Norway, +47 22 17 50 22

34 Restaurant

High above the city, in between Grønland and Oslo Central Station, lies 34 Restaurant, one of the resident restaurants of the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel. As one of the highest buildings in Oslo, the view from 34 Restaurant is spectacular and adds a flare to the dining experience that cannot be overlooked. With its culinary focus directed at local seasonal produce and seafood from the North Sea, this restaurant offers an exclusive dining experience filled with delicious tastes and a unique atmosphere.

Sonja Henies plass 3, Oslo, Norway, +47 22 05 80 34

34 Restaurant | Courtesy of SkyBar
34 Restaurant | Courtesy of SkyBar