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The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Bergen, Norway
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The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Bergen, Norway

Picture of Linn Vardheim
Updated: 28 September 2016
As one of the most coffee drinking nations in the world, Norwegian cities have their fair share of coffee shops and bakeries of high quality. There’s also no shortage of breakfast spots either. Start your day well in preparation for a long day of sightseeing in Bergen, with our guide to the best brunch venues the city has to offer.
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Bean & Breakfast

Bean & Breakfast is a tiny cafe serving a selection of bread, pastries, egg, bacon, waffles and oatmeal. The early opening time makes Bean & Breakfast popular among people looking for a quick bite to eat before work, and their student offers provide friendly prices for tight budgets.

Nygårdsgaten 3, Bergen, Norway, +47 911 74 175

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Cafe Opera

In a white, picturesque corner villa in the center of Bergen lies Cafe Opera. The cafe has an omelette and sandwich menu great for brunch. The building does not only house a cafe, but also a restaurant, a bar, an art gallery and a music venue. Cafe Opera is a perfect place to people watch over brunch.

Engen 18, Bergen, Norway, +47 55 23 03 15

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Situated in The Bergen House of Literature, is Colonialen Cafe and Restaurant. Right next to each other, the two branches of the same company serve different menus. The cafe serves breakfast every weekday, with tasty pastries, sandwiches and delicious Scandinavian buns.

Østre skostredet 5-7, Bergen, Norway, +47 55 90 16 00

Colonialen | © Nordiske Mediedager/Flickr
Photo Courtesy Colonialen
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Bastant has a menu of tasty sandwiches and soups, and serves brunch at the weekend. Hidden away in a residential area, Bastant also caters to an evening crowd with a wide selection of beer.

Stølegaten 8a, Bergen, Norway, +47 400 72 247

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Godt Brød

Meaning ‘good bread’, it’s no surprise that Godt Brød prides itself on the quality of its baked goods. With a great knowledge of breads, pastries and other baked goods, the menu offers organic and locally sourced options including baguettes and sandwiches.

Vetrlidsallmenning 19, Bergen, Norway, +47 55 10 20 20

Cafe Aura

Cafe Aura serves homemade food, cakes and brownies. This is the perfect place to shelter from the Bergen rain, meet up with friends, or enjoy a cup of coffee while people watching in one of Bergen’s beautiful historic pedestrian streets. You’ll find a vast selection of organic teas.

Marken 9, Bergen, Norway, +47 55 36 59 70

Krok og Krinkel Bokcafe

Come in at the right time and the first thing that greets you in Krok og Krinkel Bokcafe is the smell of newly baked buns, fresh out of the oven. Krok og Krinkel Bokcafe has plenty of books for you to read or buy while you’re there. Located down in a rustic basement you’ll find a menu of scones and sourdough bread slices with a wide variation of toppings, including salsas, chorizo, cheeses, and gravlax.

Lille Øvregaten 14, Bergen, Norway, +47 458 36 332

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KODE; the Bergen Museum of Art houses the largest collection of Edvard Munch paintings outside of Oslo. Smakverket, its resident cafe, makes for a great start to a long day of gallery browsing. You’ll find a number of breakfast foods, coffees, cakes and sandwiches.

Rasmus Meyers allé 3, Bergen, Norway, +47 941 32 247

Det Lille Kaffekompaniet

Det Lille Kaffekompaniet was established by students spotting a gap in the market. Among the low-rise wooden buildings characteristic of the Bergen landscape, lies this tiny shop venue. Det Lille Kaffekompaniet serves Scandinavian dishes for a light breakfast or brunch.

Nedre Fjeldsmau 2, Bergen, Norway, +47 55 31 67 20

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Kaffemisjonen has gained a solid reputation as a reliable provider of good coffee. This loved spot is one of few independent coffee shops in Bergen, and there’s a newly opened branch, Blom, also worth checking out. With a selection of foccaccias, spreads, and salmon, Kaffemisjonen makes a great spot for a true Scandinavian breakfast.

Øvre Korskirkealmenningen 5, Bergen, Norway