Stunning Airbnb Homes in Norway You Need to Know About

A private island in Hvaler
A private island in Hvaler | © Airbnb for use in Airbnbmag, Courtesy of Airbnb
The Airbnb phenomenon has swept Norway off her feet these last few years. Many Norwegians are turning old family hyttas (fjord huts), barns and mountain lodges into sophisticated accommodation for travelers, while city dwellers make sure their apartments are picture perfect and guest friendly. In fact, people are getting so enthusiastic about it that the state wants to pass a law of a maximum 90-day stay (so as not to upset the neighbors). Regardless, there are some truly stunning Airbnb options in the country – below you can find some of them.

A private island in Hvaler

The archipelago of Hvaler, off the coast of Fredrikstad, is one of the sunniest places in Norway – and what better place to soak up all that sun than on a private beach on your own private island? On the island, you’ll find a cozy cabin that can accommodate five guests, three of them under the stars (on a balcony bed). You will have your own motor boat to explore the archipelago and a solar panel for your phone charging needs. Apart from that, the cabin is off the grid, so perhaps you can be too.

A private island in Hvaler Courtesy of Airbnb

A beach house in Oslo

Only 12 minutes by bus from central Oslo, this beach house is located right on the water and is ideal for people who love swimming, diving and fishing. The fjord cottage sleeps eight guests and has been recently renovated and fitted with custom furniture and lighting. If you want to explore the fjord, the owners can rent you a boat or a kayak – or you can just do like the Norwegians and grill food in the outdoor kitchen while drinking utepils.

Unique seafront property in Oslo Courtesy of Airbnb

A log cabin (with a sauna and yoga pyramid) in Askøy

If being surrounded by nature in a log cabin amidst pine trees sounds like a dream to you, then you may want to check out this log cabin in Askøy, 30 minutes outside Bergen. The cozy log cabin that accommodates three guests is located by the sea, so you can bathe in the fjord – or meditate, do yoga and hop in a sauna at the unique pyramid that’s located 30 meters from your door. Namaste.

A log cabin in Askøy Courtesy of Airbnb

A Hobbit cabin in Hol

Are you ready to channel your inner Frodo Baggings? This cabin at the end of Hallingskarvet National park in Hol is cozy enough to keep any hobbit happy – but since we’re assuming you don’t have hobbit feet, you’ll be pleased to know there’s floor heating. The cabin, which accommodates four people is equipped with a fire oven and modern plumbing. Located one-hour away by car, it is also close to a ski center and a cross country slopes.

A hobit cabin at Hol Courtesy of Airbnb

A vintage van in Vestby

Norway can certainly be expensive. So if you’re searching for something on the budget side but still looks stunning, this 1968 Citroen HY may be it. Yes, you will be sleeping in an old van – but an old van so beautifully repurposed and decorated, it looks like it’s out of the pages of a home decor magazine. Located 150 meters from the beach, in the middle of the forest and just one hour’s drive from Oslo, the van features a double bed and a sofa, and there’s a little yard outside so you can sit and have breakfast.

A vintage van in Vestby Courtesy of Airbnb

A penthouse in Bergen

If hobbit cabins and vans sound a bit too rustic for you, how about a penthouse in one of Bergen’s most popular neighborhoods? This charming, top-floor apartment is located in Nordnes, just a two-minute walk from all of Bergen’s attractions. Lounge at the balcony and enjoy the views to the harbor, Fløien, and Ulriken, or enjoy the top-notch amenities (think Nespresso machine and Apple TV).

A penthouse in Bergen Courtesy of Airbnb

A mountain lodge in Regndalen

Situated in a village in Møre og Romsdal, Western Norway, this brand new mountain lodge sleeps six people in an area perfect for fishing and hiking (and skiing in winter). The lodge comes with a well-stocked kitchen and all the modern amenities – you also have access to one of the canoes. Did we mention there’s a lake right outside?

A mountain lodge in Regndalen Courtesy of Airbnb