Spend Two Weeks Travelling in Norway with All-You-Can-Fly Pass

A Widerøe plane flying over Sandnessjøen
A Widerøe plane flying over Sandnessjøen | © Kabinansatt Lena, Courtesy of Widerøe
Photo of Danai Christopoulou
1 August 2018

Norway is a big country – so big, it stretches into nine different climate zones. So how do you go about exploring it all? An “an all-you-can-fly pass” may be your best chance yet. With unlimited travel for two weeks, you can go as north as the Arctic circle and still have time to swim in the beaches of southern Norway. Here’s how it all works out.

The zones system

Widerøe is a regional airline operating in the Nordic countries – flying to more than 40 destinations in Norway. Between July 1 and August 31, they’re offering a special ‘Explore Norway‘ ticket, which allows you to travel as much as you want for two weeks. While unlimited flights may sound like a dream come true when you have a destination as big as Norway it can be daunting to even start planning the trip. That’s where the ‘zones system’ Widerøe came up with comes in handy. You can opt to travel in one to three and pay accordingly. And the great thing is you don’t need to have it all figured out in advance.

Once boarding your first flight, your itinerary becomes flexible and you can even book a flight as late as two hours before take-off. Norway is practically your oyster.

Andøya is one of the places you can visit with the fly pass | © Kabinansatt Lena, Courtesy of Widerøe

Zone Southern Norway

This zone is where you will be starting, as connecting flights to and from Norway (and to one of Widerøe’s international destinations) are included in the price as your first and last flight.

Zone Southern Norway covers all destinations south of Trondheim, as well as Trondheim itself. This means you’ll get to check all the top things to do in Oslo off your list, spend at least a day in beautiful Bergen, visit the beaches of Kristiansand and see the three Swords in Rock in Stavanger. You can even fly to Sogndal and visit the fjords, or to Roros to see a mining city that’s a UNESCO World Heritage site. You have a lot to do, so you better get started.

Bryggen in Bergen | © Paulus Bruzdeilynas / Visit Bergen

Zone Nordland

If you want to add a second zone to your trip, this one includes all destinations between Trondheim and Tromsø. Apart from exploring Trondheim itself, this gives you the opportunity to spend time at the magnificent Lofoten archipelago, which includes some of the most beautiful islands in the whole country. Explore the fishing culture, enjoy the local cuisine, take many photos.

Landing strip at Svolvær | © Kabinansatt Lena, Courtesy of Widerøe

Zone Finnmark

If you decide to go for the whole three-zone experience, you’re definitely in for a treat. The third zone covers the whole Finnmark region from Tromsø and upwards. You’ll get to explore the city that has been called “Paris of the North“, get acquainted with the vibrant Sami culture, play with huskies in Alta and chase the Midnight Sun across the Finnmark plateau. Two weeks might not be enough to fully explore every inch of Norway but looks like this all-you-can-fly-pass may be the perfect place to start.

A Widerøe plane flying over Tromsø | © Kabinansatt Lena, Courtesy of Widerøe

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