The 10 Most Beautiful Places to Stay in Montenegro

Petrovac | © Olena Z/Shutterstock
Petrovac | © Olena Z/Shutterstock
Photo of Sarah Pavlovic
28 September 2017

What to choose, what to choose? Will it be five-star seaside luxury or atmospheric old town? Maybe a holiday spent wandering mountain trails and picking wildflowers? Or a complete retreat? In a land that’s both stunning and diverse, here are the top 10 most beautiful places to stay in Montenegro.

Sveti Stefan

Hands down one of the most beautiful places in Europe, Sveti Stefan is a stunning place to stay in Montenegro. A former royal summer residence, Sveti Stefan is gifted with pink pebble beaches, a 15th-century stone and terracotta islet, a forest park of old olive trees, an old palace and sunset views to die for.

The top place to stay here is five-star Aman Sveti Stefan, but there are also lots of budget-friendly hotels with killer views in this natural paradise.

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Porto Montenegro

Map View
Porto Montenegro | © Katja Hasselkus/Flickr
Porto Montenegro | © Katja Hasselkus/Flickr
Wake up to the view of bajillion-Euro superyachts bobbing on bright blue waters. Porto Montenegro’s palm tree-lined streets and pastel buildings epitomises the Mediterranean lifestyle. Wander down to a waterside café for brunch, get a massage and then spend the afternoon soaking up the sun at the Lido pool. At night, Porto Montenegro’s village restaurants come alive and there are two clubs open until late.

The TYHA platinum-rated marina is also just steps from Tivat town, where visitors can take boat tours, find great restaurants, nightlife and swim spots. Five star Regent Porto Montenegro has rooms from €180 per night.


Perast’s palace-lined shore shows the glory of an era where Bay of Kotor sailors were some of the richest in the Adriatic. This picturesque township has been protected from modern construction and all the buildings in the town adhere to the traditional stone architecture of the bay.

Perast is ideally positioned opposite the Verige Strait, so visitors have an ever-changing view of boats passing. As if that wasn’t enough, the two island churches just offshore complete the picture. Visitors love staying here for the beautiful views and because it’s a car-free town, they can stroll along the seaside to their favourite restaurant for a candlelit dinner by the sea.

Perast, Bay of Kotor, Montenegro


Petrovac, on the Budva Riviera, is a small town on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. The long stretch of beach and warm waters are the ideal playground for holidaying families in summer, while the boardwalk is dotted with traditional stone houses, restaurants and boutiques.

Castel Lastva, the 16th-century fortress at the northern end of the town, juts out into the bay and two islands float just offshore. Not only is this idyllic Mediterranean township a beautiful place to stay, it’s close to key attractions like Budva and Skadar Lake.

Petrovac, Montenegro

Petrovac | © Olena Z/Shutterstock

Petrovac | © Olena Z/Shutterstock

Skadar Lake

Although the Montenegrin coast gets most of the attention, Skadar Lake is one of the most beautiful places to stay in Montenegro. The lush greenery, quaint townships and solitude make this a haven for nature-lovers. An important wetland, the lake is always teeming with wildlife, especially migratory birds. The Dalmatian Pelicans are a must-see here and tours on cuns (traditional fishing boats) take people out to see the birds.

This area is also known for its excellent boutique wineries and wine tastings start from just €10. It’s also the ideal place to try local rakija (brandy), honey, ham, cheese and carp from the lake.

Skadar Lake, Montenegro

Skadar Lake | © monticello/Shutterstock

Skadar Lake | © monticello/Shutterstock

Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi overlooks the entrance of the Bay of Kotor, with Montenegro on one side and Croatia on the other. Each side of the bay is adorned with Austro-Hungarian fortresses and Mamula, a fortressed island, sits in between. Herceg Novi has the best beaches in the bay and warm, clear water to boot. A 7km seaside promenade called Setaliste Pet Danica connects dozens of tiny, pebble beaches and the central marina just below the old town.

In the old town, violins in the music school serenade passersby, while Belavista Square is the place to catch up with friends over a coffee.

Herceg Novi, Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

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  • Kotor

    Map View
    Hotel Astoria
    Hotel Astoria | @ Courtesy of hotel
    Kotor’s Venetian old town is tucked into towering mountains and fronted by the glittering waters of the Bay of Kotor. Its winding alleyways reveal boutique hotels, traditional eateries, museums and historic churches. It’s one of the most beautiful and atmospheric places to stay in Montenegro.

    In front of the old town, a promenade passes a marina full of yachts and the palaces of Dobrota. Behind the town, San Giovanni Fortress is a challenging hike, but the views are worth every step!


    Like Kotor, Budva old town is hard to beat for beauty and atmosphere. The walled town is flanked by a marina full of glittering yachts and overlooks Sveti Nikola island. Budva is known for its fantastic beaches and right in front of the old town, Ricardova Glava beach is the perfect place to cool off and enjoy the Montenegrin sunshine.

    Budva, Montenegro

    Durmitor National Park

    One of the hidden gems of Montenegro, Durmitor National Park is a hiker’s paradise. Montenegro’s second-highest peak, Bobotov Kuk, is a popular hike throughout the summer months. For those wanting more relaxing activities, a scenic stroll around the Black Lake followed by a picnic is the ideal way to enjoy the park’s stunning scenery. Bears and wolves roam Durmitor’s rugged mountains and the local villages offer a snapshot of traditional Montenegrin lifestyle.

    Durmitor National Park, Montenegro, +382 52 361 337

    Lustica Peninsula

    For those seeking a true getaway, there’s no better place than Lustica Peninsula. Crystal-clear sea and miles of olive groves and wild bush make Lustica Peninsula is a true haven. With nothing more than a book and an ever-changing sea view, your batteries are guaranteed to be recharged.

    Lustica Peninsula, Montenegro

    Lustica Peninsula | © nadtochiy/Shutterstock

    Lustica Peninsula | © nadtochiy/Shutterstock