How To Spend 48 Hours in Montenegro

Pavlova Strana | © Imke.stahlmann/Flickr
Pavlova Strana | © Imke.stahlmann/Flickr | Imke.stahlmann/Flickr
Photo of Sarah Pavlovic
28 November 2017

Montenegro is a must-see for any Eurotrip. It’s such a wild and varied place, it’s hard to see all the vital attractions in just 48 hours. But if you’ve only got 48 hours in this stunning destination, we’ll show you how to get the best out of your stay.

Day one

Serpentine road to Lovćen National Park

The serpentine road from Kotor to Lovćen National Park has 25 hairpin turns and views to die for. With each turn the view just gets better. Near the top, make a detour to Njeguši village to pick up some of their famed prosciutto and down a slug of the Balkans’ favourite breakfast beverage – rakija (brandy).

Just inside the park’s entrance there’s a rest stop with the best views of Kotor Bay. A humble wooden bench is positioned right before glorious views overlooking Kotor, Tivat, Mount Vrmac, and the Orjen mountain range in the hunter ground.

Lovćen National Park, Montenegro


Lovcen National Park | © Courtesy of Montenegro Pulse | Courtesy of Montenegro Pulse

Petar Petrović-Njegoš II Mausoleum

No trip to Lovćen National Park is complete without a stop at the mausoleum of Montenegro’s beloved leader, Petar Petrović-Njegoš II.

Njegoš, as he’s known locally, was a bishop, poet and leader of Montenegro from 1830 to 1851. He’s credited with bringing Montenegro’s feuding tribal leadership into some semblance of order, complete with taxes and girls’ schools.

A visit to Njegoš’ mausoleum comes with a little hike of 461 steps, but it’s worth it. The mausoleum is decorated with a gold ceiling and a huge statue of the hero carved from one piece of marble. Behind the mausoleum the guvno (meeting circle) and viewpoint has 360° views of Montenegro, Croatia and even Albania.

Petar Petrović-Njegoš II Mausoleum, Lovćen National Park, Montenegro


Petar Petrović-Njegoš II Mausoleum | © Alesya_G/Pixabay | Alesya_G/Pixabay


A scenic drive through the rest of the national park leads to Cetinje, the old royal capital of Montenegro. This pretty town is a miniature European capital, complete with beautiful former embassy buildings and King Nikola’s Palace. No longer the capital, the stately residences and buildings have been transformed into Montenegro’s national museum. Visit the old parliament for the historical and ethnographic art collections, King Nikola’s Court, the Bilijarda and Cetinje Monastery.

Cetinje, Montenegro

Vladin Dom | © Imke.stahlmann/Flickr

Vladin Dom | © Imke.stahlmann/Flickr

Pavlova Strana and Rijeka Crnojevića

One of the most photographed spots in Montenegro, Pavlova Strana is a horseshoe bend in Crnojević River. Stunning all year round, this spot is picture-perfect. Continue through Rijeka Crnojevića, a pretty hamlet on the river and along the old, scenic road towards Skadar Lake.

Pavlova Strana, Montenegro

Lake Skadar boat trip

Virpazar is the gateway to Skadar Lake National Park and there’s nothing like getting out in a traditional fishing boat called a čun on the lake. An hour’s trip takes you to Grmožur Island, a former prison island, and Raduš Spring, the deepest part of the lake. In three hours you’ll travel through verdant channels of the lake and reach the magnificent Kom Monastery.

Skadar Lake is Europe’s biggest bird reserve and the lake is full of ducks, cormorants, and even pelicans. Spring is a great time to catch mating dances and fledglings, while summer is perfect for swimming. Autumn, on the other hand, brings huge numbers of migratory species.

Boat Milica, Virpazar, Montenegro, +382 68 702 376


Skadar Lake | © Courtesy of Montenegro Pulse | Courtesy of Montenegro Pulse

Wine tasting

After a breathtaking trip on the lake, it’s time to try the local viticulture. The Crmnica region around Lake Skadar is known as Montenegro’s best wine-producing region. Just 1km from Virpazar, Eco Resort and Winery Cermeniza is a family-run winery and boutique resort that offers wine tastings of their limited edition wines. They also have homemade rakija and the tastings are accompanied by local produce from their estate.

Eco Resort and Winery Cermeniza, Virpazar, Montenegro, +382 67 373 059

Montenegro winery | © Courtesy of Vinarija Djurisic

Eco Resort and Winery Cermeniza | © Courtesy of Vinarija Djurisic | Montenegro winery | © Courtesy of Vinarija Djurisic

Sveti Stefan

No trip to Montenegro is complete without seeing Sveti Stefan. This jewel in the Budva Riviera’s crown is a stunning 15th century island, connected to the mainland by a land bridge. The island’s exclusive hotel has hosted names like Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Margaret, and Novak Djoković’s wedding. See the island from the main road or drive down to the shore to take a stroll along its pink pebble beach.

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Stay in Budva

Budva has great places to stay for every budget range. Get a budget bed in a hostel or stay in one of the top-rated hotels like Hotel Astoria in the old town or Majestic Hotel along the waterfront.

Hotel Majestic | © Courtesy of Hotel Majestic | Courtesy of Hotel Majestic

Day two

San Giovanni Fortress and Kotor

San Giovanni Fortress in Kotor is a rite of passage for visitors to Montenegro. Climbing the 1355 ancient steps to the top is challenging but worthwhile. Scale the wall to the fortress at the top then take a walking tour through the old town to get to know this historic Venetian town.

San Giovanni Fortress, Kotor, Montenegro

San Giovanni, Kotor | © WitR/Shutterstock

San Giovanni, Kotor | © WitR/Shutterstock | WitR/Shutterstock

Blue Cave boat trip

Jump aboard a speedboat in Kotor Park, opposite the old town, for a scenic speedboat tour of the bay of Kotor. A three-hour tour lets you visit Our Lady of the Rocks, the caves that used to hide Yugoslav submarines, and the Blue Cave, which is a natural cave filled with iridescent blues.

Montenegro Submarine and Speed Boat Tours, Kotor, Montenegro, +382 69 576 355

Blue Cave | © kgyd/Flickr

Blue Cave | © kgyd/Flickr

Dinner at Ćatovića Mlini or Porto Montenegro

Finish a scenic day with a scenic night. Head over to Ćatovića Mlini in Morinj for a local dinner in park-like surroundings. The converted water mill is truly idyllic with streams of fresh water, as well as ducks, geese, and peacocks wandering freely.

Catovica Mlini | © Courtesy of Montenegro Pulse | Courtesy of Montenegro Pulse

Alternatively, head to Porto Montenegro in Tivat for a stylish dinner overlooking some of the most luxurious super yachts in the Mediterranean. Al Posto Giusto has casual pizza and pasta, Byblos serves Middle Eastern fare and The Regent’s Dining Room has a menu of elegant contemporary dishes.

Regent Porto Montenegro | © Masano Kawana for Regent Porto Montenegro

Stay in the Bay of Kotor

The Bay of Kotor has fabulous accommodation for everyone. Stay in The Regent Porto Montenegro for five-star luxury. Enjoy the atmosphere of Kotor’s old town in Hotel Astoria Kotor or wake up to the bay’s mesmerising views at Hotel Casa del Mare – Amfora.

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