The Most Notable Fashion Boutiques in Monaco

Monaco shopping
Monaco shopping | © Hans / Pixabay
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29 May 2018

Monaco is synonymous with shopping. Luxury and glamour exist on every corner, but more so on some corners in particular. Not only have we rounded up the most notable boutiques in Monaco, but also its famous commercial areas and shopping centres for you to explore.

Carré d’Or and Allées Lumières

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High-end stores in the principality | High-end stores in the principality

Both the Carré d’Or and Allées Lumières boutiques are famous the world over. They are in the area and neighbouring streets of the Monte-Casino Square and house all the big names such as Cartier, Bulgari, Piaget, Repossi and others. There are also art dealers and designers interwoven with the luxury jewellery stores.

Le Métropole Shopping Centre

Shopping Mall
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Le Métropole Shopping Centre
Le Métropole Shopping Centre | Le Métropole Shopping Centre

The Métropole Shopping Centre is the main shopping centre in Monaco – and it’s quite a delight. It is the perfect place to amble in opulence and browse all your favourite high-end boutiques. Independent and big-name health and beauty shops, homeware stores, fashion boutiques, art stores and more all lie under the chandelier-clad ceiling. Only in Monaco…

Fontvieille Shopping Centre

Shopping Mall
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Fontvieille Shopping Centre | Fontvieille Shopping Centre

This is Monaco’s most ‘normal’ shopping mall, in that it has a McDonald’s and boutiques that are vaguely more affordable to the average shopper. The exterior is pretty impressive, more so than the interior, and there are some great views of the principality from certain stores. You can find women’s clothing stores, such as Camaïeu, here as well as jewellery and gift shops.

Monte-Carlo Pavilions

Shopping Mall
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The Monte-Carlo Pavilions | The Monte-Carlo Pavilions

The Monte-Carlo Pavilions are located in the Casino Gardens. These pebble-shaped temporary structures (five in total) opened in 2014 and were designed by architect Richard Martinet as a new design take on a shopping centre. Visit them while you can, as the buildings are scheduled to be demolished in 2018. Boutiques such as Chanel, Lanvin, Miu Miu and more can be found here.

La Condamine Market

Market, French, Mediterranean, $$$
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Traditional socca | Traditional socca
Shopping around La Condamine is a little less intense than around the Casino. Here, you have the Condamine Market, where shoppers can find local delicacies, cafes and more. The adjacent streets have some great boutiques as well. A couple of favourites include Kiwi and Mogan.

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