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The Top 10 Restaurants In Bălți, Moldova
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The Top 10 Restaurants In Bălți, Moldova

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Well-known for its excellent wine and rich cultural heritage, Moldova is a country full of surprises. Although it literally means ‘swamp’, Bălți, “the northern capital,” offers fabulous historical monuments, theaters, and churches. When it comes to food, it will not disappoint you either. Try these 10 great restaurants in the city.
Sunflower Field l © Leszek Kozlowski/Flickr
Sunflower Field l | © Leszek Kozlowski/Flickr
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This cozy restaurant offers high quality Mediterranean dishes with ingredients coming straight from local farms. Its friendly staff and the smell of fresh basil will make you feel at home. Popular for its pizza, which is prepared right in front of your eyes, Oliva brings back memories of Italy.

Address & telephone number: Independentei, 15a, Bălți, +373 231 22 111

Grilled Salmon l © Prayitno/Flickr
Grilled Salmon l | © Prayitno/Flickr
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Malina Lounge Café

One of the most stylish places in Bălți, Malina Lounge Café is the best place to relax after a busy day. Its high quality service and diverse menu will satisfy every need. Popular among the young locals for its successful parties and excellent hookahs, it is the perfect spot to start exploring the city’s nightlife after a great dinner.

Address & telephone number: Str. Decebal, 126/4, Bălți, +373 697 47 676

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Carlsberg Grill Pub

If you are wondering where you might find the best place to watch a football match, drink beer, and try the finest food, Carlsberg Grill Pub is for you. Its constantly updated menu full of culinary surprises and the friendly staff won’t let you visit just once.

Address & telephone number: Independentei, 33, Bălți, +373 69-75-52-52

Up close and personal. l © Linh Nguyen/Flickr
Up close and personal. l | © Linh Nguyen/Flickr
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This sushi restaurant is far more than just a sushi restaurant. Specializing in Italian and Japanese cuisine and offering a varied menu, MON’RO is ready to provide you with a unique dining experience. Vegans and vegetarians; chefs here are eager to prepare only the best dishes for you. Also a karaoke club, MON’RO is the ideal place to have fun.

Address & telephone number: Stefan cel Mare 57, Bălți, +373 69500700

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There are many reasons why you should visit Objora. Its pleasant atmosphere and varied menu offer a nice chance for a relaxed meal with good friends. For those with a sweet tooth, the great selection of desserts is the perfect way to top off your delicious dinner.

Address & telephone number: Stefan cel Mare 73, Bălți, +373 231 60 912

Moldavian tochitură with mămăligă, cheese and egg l © Nicubunu/Wikicommons
Moldavian tochitură with mămăligă, cheese and egg l | © Nicubunu/Wikicommons
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It would be a pity to leave Bălți without visiting this restaurant. Popular among locals and tourists alike, Amurg is the right place to taste traditional Moldovan cuisine. Whether you go for lunch or dinner, the quality and quantity of the dishes will improve your gastronomic adventure. Carefully decorated, Amurg will please all your senses.

Address & telephone number: Kiev 113, Bălți, +373 79685885

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If you’re planning to visit the city with your sweetheart, this is the ideal spot for a special evening. NOROC will exceed even the highest expectations, providing you with a romantic meal for two.

Address & telephone number: Street N.Iorga 11 MD-2012, Bălți, +373 68989888

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Drum Bun

This large restaurant can accommodate 250 people and is regularly organizing various events like weddings, birthday parties, and banquets. Drum Bun‘s excellent traditional Moldovan and European cuisine is combined with a luxurious atmosphere.

Address & telephone number: Strada Soroca, 117, Bălți, +373 231 42557

Pizza Margarita, Pizza Salvatore Cuomo, Yoyogi l © Yuichi Sakuraba/Flickr
Pizza Margarita, Pizza Salvatore Cuomo, Yoyogi l | © Yuichi Sakuraba/Flickr
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Located in the heart of the city, Celentano is probably the most popular pizzeria in Bălți. Although the menu has a variety of tasty dishes, you should not miss the thin pizza, fully loaded with a great selection of different toppings.

Address & telephone number: Strada Independenţei 15a, Bălți, +373 686 93 806

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Pizza de Italia

Small in size but big in satisfaction, Pizza de Italia is one of the most casual and comfortable places in the city. Its free WiFi can be of great help, especially if you are a backpacker stopping by the city for few hours.

Address: Strada Ștefan cel Mare, 76