The Global Anthology: Macedonia – Myanmar

Image © Amanda Suarez
Image © Amanda Suarez
Stories from our Global Anthology: Macedonia – Madagascar – Malawi – Malaysia – Maldives – Mali – Malta – Marshall Islands – Mauritania – Mauritius – Mayotte – Mexico – Micronesia – Moldova – Monaco – Mongolia – Montenegro – Morocco – Mozambique – Myanmar

Lidija Dimkovska | Backup Life
Translated by Ljubica Arsovska and Peggy Reid | Originally published for the European Union Prize for Literature

Jean-Luc Raharimanana | from Za
Translated by Sophie Lewis | Excerpted in Words Without Borders

Ekari Mbvundula | The Elephant in the Room
Originally published in Africa in Words

Kow Shih-Li | The Plan
Originally published in Silver Fish

Ibrahim Waheed | Bus Ride
Originally published in Kalaavehi

Massa Makan Diabaté | from The Lieutenant of Kouta
Translated by David Yost and Shane Auerbach
Excerpted in Michigan Quarterly Review courtesy of Michigan State University Press

Pierre J. Mejlak | What the Night Lets You Say
Translated by Antoine Cassar | Excerpted for the European Union Prize for Literature

Kelin | Letao to America
Originally published on Digital Micronesia

Mohamedou Ould Slahi | from Guantanamo Prisoner Diary
Excerpted on Der Spiegel (English) courtesy of Back Bay Books

Ananda Devi | from Eve Out of Her Ruins | Translated by Jeffrey Zuckerman
Excerpted on Literary Hub courtesy of Deep Vellum Press

Bruno de Villeneuve | The Soulou Waterfall
Translated by Simon Leser | Excerpted on Culture Trip courtesy of L’Harmattan Editions

Álvaro Enrigue | Last Supper in Seduction City
Translated by Brendan Riley | Originally published on The White Review

Emelihter Kihleng | To Linda Rabon Torres
Originally published on Kahuaomānoa Press

Tofan Gheorghe | The Portrait
Translated by Ana Tofan | Originally published on the author’s website

René Novella | Pythonesses

Translated by Simon Leser | Published on Culture Trip courtesy of Groupe Elidia Editions

Gun G. Ayurzana | Snow Romance
Translated by Matthew Davis | Originally published on Cha

Andrej Nikolaidis | The Son
Translated by Will Firth | Published for the European Union Prize for Literature

Ahmed Bouanani | The Illiterate Man
Translated by Emma Ramadan | Originally published on PEN America

Mia Couto | The Serpent’s Embrace
Translated by Eric M. B. Becker | Originally published on Asymptote

Khin Hnin Yu | Maid of the Manor
Translated by Ma Thanegi | Originally published on Things Myanmar