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The 10 Best Restaurants In Ville Haute, Luxembourg City

The 10 Best Restaurants In Ville Haute, Luxembourg City

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Updated: 9 February 2017
With the privilege of having the most Michelin-starred restaurants per capita of any city in the world, Luxembourg City, and particularly Ville Haute’s gourmet restaurants are definitely a must-visit. We pick the best of the fine-dining to spoil yourself with here.


Clairefontaine is one of the premier restaurants of Luxembourg. Located in the heart of the government district in the upper town, walking distance from the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Luxembourg, Clairefontaine has become a favorite of visiting of customers with high-end gourmet expectations. The restaurants Michelin star confirm the pioneering and talented approach to French cuisine by its owners.


9, place Clairefontaine, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, +352 46 22 11

Pasta | © tookapic/Pixabay

Pasta | © tookapic/Pixabay

Ristorante Essenza

One of the top Italian restaurants in Ville Haute, Essenza celebrates the regional culinary tradition with a touch of contemporary cuisine. With pasta, fish and meat as basic ingredients for their dishes, the chefs of this Italian restaurant are masterful in combining authentic and modern flavors.


12, rue de la Boucherie, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, +352 26 73 77 1

La Cristallerie

The gastronomic restaurant Le Cristallerie is hidden on the 1st floor of the Place d’Armes Hotel. The velvety, classy and elegant design of the restaurant consisting of sculptured ceilings, original stained glass windows and wood panels creates the ideal environment for exceptional gourmet-lovers to taste the restaurant’s exquisite and imaginatively prepared cuisine.

18 Place d’Armes, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, +352 27 47 37 42 1

Le Bouquet Garni, Salon St. Michel

Located in the heart of medieval Luxembourg, just opposite the Grand Ducal Palace is Le Bouquet Garni. A lovely covered terrace, stone walls, a cozy fireplace, raw fabrics and dishes inspired by the French gastronomy create a classy and warm atmosphere.

32 Rue de l’Eau, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, +352 26 20 06 20

Ravioli| © cyclonebill/Wiki Commons

Ravioli| © cyclonebill/Wiki Commons


Mosconi Restaurant is the first Italian restaurant with two Michelin stars in Luxembourg. Pasta, fish and meat beautifully prepared dishes are served in a vintage dining area, as well as on the restaurant’s small yet enchanting riverside terrace with spectacular views of the Old Town.


13 Rue Münster, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, +352 54 69 94

Sushi Toppings | © EHRENBERG Kommunikation/Flickr

Sushi Toppings | © EHRENBERG Kommunikation/Flickr


For the big fans of Japanese and Asian food, Kamakura is a must. Kamakura restaurant makes a statement in the heart of Luxembourg. The restaurant’s minimalist design appears to be the ideal background for authentic Japanese dishes with a touch of modernity.

4 rue Munster, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, +352 47 06 04

Al Bacio Ristorante

One of the best Italian restaurants in Luxembourg, Al Bacio introduces its visitors to traditional Italian and Mediterranean home-grown tastes and flavors. The secret of its success and reputation lies at its authentic Al Bacio’s cuisine, full of fresh and locally cultivated ingredients and high-quality products.

24 Rue Notre-Dame, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, +352 27 99 48 81


L’ Adresse reminds you of our favorite Parisian bistro. Visitors have the opportunity to taste and enjoy a variety of authentic French dishes from the daily-changing menu on a playful blackboard. Its little wooden tables, as well as its family-friendly atmosphere, make L’ Adresse worth a visit.


32 Rue Notre-Dame, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, +352 27 85 84 68

Restaurant Yamayu Santatsu Sàrl

One of the oldest Japanese restaurants in Luxembourg City, Yamayu Santatsu Sarl is well-known for its top quality sushi and sashimi. You can see the Sushi Master working at the counter next to the customers. All these years, the high quality of services and products of this Japanese Restaurant bring it to the top of the locals’ preference.


26, Rue Notre-Dame, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, +352 46 12 49

La Lorraine

You will find La Lorraine in  front of the Parliament building. Founded over 25 years ago by a French family, the restaurants high-end reputation is based on its cuisine’s quality and the efficient and friendly service of the passionate staff. La Lorraine’s delicious seafood are behind the success of this elegant restaurant in the heart of the city.

Southern Ocean Toothfish | Courtesy of Sails

Southern Ocean Toothfish | Courtesy of Sails

7 Place d’Armes, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, +352 47 14 36