The 10 Best Art Galleries in Luxembourg City

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9 February 2017

Luxembourg City lies halfway between the cultural strongholds of Paris and Cologne, absorbing the inspirational fashions and practices of both. It’s become a dynamic place for these European traditions to combine and for creative ideas to flow, reflected most interestingly in the exciting artwork it produces. Luxembourg City is home to a number of art museums and galleries displaying both traditional and groundbreaking expressionist art. Here’s our list of the 10 best art galleries in Luxembourg City.

Reflection of Luxembourg City | © nate2b/Flickr

Am Tunnel

Located in an underground casemate, in the ancient tunnel of an old bank, Am Tunnel is Luxembourg City’s top spot to experience modern art within a beautifully historical setting. The transformation of the tunnel into a gallery began in 1987 and took six years to complete. It primarily houses artwork by native Luxembourgian artists, with a permanent collection dedicated to photographer Edward Steichen. As well as a unique setting, the gallery offers a diverse range of themed exhibitions at different points in the year, and these often feature a variety of internationally renowned artists.

Opening hours: 9am-5.30pm

Watch out for: The unique setting

Address & telephone number: 16 rue Zithe, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, +352 40152450


A centre stage for contemporary art in Luxembourg city, Mudam houses exhibitions by both nationally and internationally recognised artists, and prides itself as being at the forefront of modern art trends. The building is a work of art in itself, an innovative design by Leoh Ming Pei, comprising of stone and glass walls enclosed within a contrasting green landscape. Mudam displays paintings, sculptures, photographs and drawings, and its work by Bernd and Hilla Becher, Blinky Palermo and Cy Twombly never fail to draw the crowds.

Opening hours: 11am-8pm

Watch out for: The international artists

Address & telephone number: 3 Park Drai Eechelen, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, +352 4537851

Casino Luxembourg

Designed and built in 1882 by Pierre and Paul Funck, Casino Luxembourg is a piece of Luxembourg City history. Home to wide, open rooms and a majestic interior, it sat as an ideal spot in which to display local art, and in 1996 became an energetic hub for contemporary art forms. Whilst simultaneously continuing to operate as a casino, the place now hosts art exhibitions, shows and theatrical performances. Constantly changing what it offers, the casino mainly focuses on young up-and-coming artists, with a view to exposing the variety and complexity of current art movements.

Opening hours: 11am-7pm

Watch out for: The majestic design

Address & telephone number: 41 Rue Notre Dame, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, +352 225045

Villa Vauban

Map View
One of the most popular art galleries in Luxembourg City, Villa Vauban was designed by Jean-François Eydt in 1873, and fully renovated in 2010. Exhibiting mostly 18th and 19th century artwork from three private collections, Villa Vauban also displays a range of European sculptures and drawings. Jean-Pierre Pescatore’s collection here includes many beautiful Dutch and French works, and the collection of Jodoc Frédéric Hochhertz’s 18th century history paintings are unmissable. Opening hours: 10am-6pm Watch out for: Jean-Pierre Pescatore’s collection Address & telephone number: 18 Avenue Emile Reuter, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg,


A visit to Photothèque is an enthralling way to immerse yourself in Luxembourg City’s rich history. It houses a large collection of over four million photographs illustrating the change and transformation of the area over the last 200 years. The modern exterior of the gallery calls to mind Paris’ Centre Georges Pompidou, and the collections of Bernard Wolff, Batty Fischer and Edward Steichen are particularly popular.

Opening hours: 7.30am-12pm & 1.30pm-5pm

Watch out for: The intriguing architecture

Address & telephone number: 10 rue Eugène Ruppert, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, +352 47962806

Beaumont Public Art Gallery

Exploring issues of gender, identity and performance, Beaumont Public Art Gallery combines art with a focus on contemporary social issues. Simultaneously operating as a dance studio, photography studio and art gallery, a visit to the Beaumont is a highly interactive experience, with exciting performances, films and lectures attracting visitors from far and wide. In collaboration with a renowned German bookstore, Beaumont Public Art Gallery also features a section dedicated to the display of new and antique books.

Opening hours: 12pm-6pm

Watch out for: The program of films

Address & telephone number: 21A Avenue Gaston Diderich, Luxembourg, +352 462343

Leslie's Art Gallery

Art Gallery
Map View
Leslie’s Art Gallery is an ever-changing, diverse and different space for contemporary art, with the absence of any permanent art exhibition allowing for constant renovation. An exclusive gallery open to the public only by appointment, the latest displays include Anne Michaux’s ‘The Perpetual Now’, Jorge Rubert’s suggestive and avant-garde paintings, and Sarah Sutton’s abstract and colorful works. Opening hours: by appointment Watch out for: Anne Michaux’s ‘The Perpetual Now’ exhibition Address & telephone number: 66-68 Rue de Luxembourg, Bridel, Luxembourg,

Schortgen Gallery

Since 1949 Luxembourg City’s Schortgen Gallery has combined the works of internationally renowned painters with young unknown artists to create a wealth of varied and engaging artwork. Without focussing too heavily on one particular movement, the gallery promotes contmporary art in its entirety. Comprised of two galleries, one in the heart of the city and one to the South, each hosts around 12 expositions every year. The gallery often organises exhibitions in public areas in an effort to engage the public with artistic ideas.

Opening hours: 10am-12pm & 2pm-6pm

Watch out for: The artwork of young up-and-coming artists

Address & telephone number: 24 rue Beaumont, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, +352 26201510

By Nicola Simonetti

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