Why You Should Go Mushroom Picking in the Baltics

Conifer forest in Estonia |©sara/Flickr
Conifer forest in Estonia |©sara/Flickr
Photo of Kasparas Asmonaitis
9 October 2017

Mushroom picking is a cultural tradition in the Baltic states and one of the best ways to actively spend your time in nature, surrounded by fresh air, mystical forests, and endless meadows. If you happen to be in the Baltics during the mushroom season, you must try this unique experience!

Visit Baltic nature

Many people come to the Baltic countries to experience unique nature and get some fresh air. There are plenty of wonderful national parks in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, which captivate all nature lovers. However, to get an even more authentic experience of the Baltic nature, you should join the local people when they go to gather mushrooms early in the autumn. This is a perfect way to actively spend your day and see some secret and stunning spots. Also, time flies while mushroom picking as it requires quite a lot of energy and concentration, making it a great attraction for both groups of friends and families!

Lithuania forest | ©darius_saulenas/Flickr

Collect fresh mushrooms

You could not get any fresher mushrooms than the ones which you pick with your own hands straight from the Baltic forests and meadows! Also, you can be completely sure that those mushrooms are healthy and have no chemicals in them. There are plenty of traditional and delicious Baltic dishes made out of the mushrooms so make sure to ask your Baltic friends for some cooking tips and tricks! It is a great way to learn more about Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian cuisines!

Mushroom stall in Lithuania | ©Phillip Capper/Flickr

Take photos

Let’s be honest; traveling without taking extraordinary photos is just not that fun! Gladly, you can easily take some wonderful photos of lively Baltic forests while mushroom picking. There is plenty of stunning scenery across the Baltic states during the autumn when forests are full of spider webs, moss, berries, and mushrooms. All you have to do is take a camera and let your imagination flow!

Lithuania | ©Kristijonas Dirse/Flickr

Follow the rules

It is also important to note that even though you might feel overwhelmed by the new experience of mushroom picking, you still need to follow simple rules which guarantee both yours and the environment’s safety. You should never pick mushrooms which you cannot recognize because there is always a chance of grabbing a poisonous one. The most common poisonous mushroom in the Baltics is death-cup, but there are plenty more, so it is recommended to do your research before you start! Also, the local people are extremely proud and take a good care of nature, so you should follow their lead and try not to damage the environment. It is a must to cut the mushrooms instead of simply rooting them out, to save nature. Leave no harm behind you, and feel more at one with the Baltic environment.

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