The Best Traditional Lithuanian Restaurants in Vilnius

Vilnius Castle Tower at Night  © Mantas Volungevicius /Flickr
Vilnius Castle Tower at Night © Mantas Volungevicius /Flickr
Traditional Lithuanian food often incorporates vegetables that can be grown in harsh weather, meat that can be hunted locally, and garnishes, such as mushrooms, that can be foraged. Discover the flavors of Lithuanian food at one of these five restaurants offering authentic native cuisine.

Restoranas Medininkai

Restaurant, Northern European, Lithuanian, $$$
Medininkai, Vilnius
Medininkai, Vilnius | ©Elizabeth Georgian

This highly rated restaurant is conveniently located near the famous Gates of Dawn, a Christian pilgrimage site. It is best to enjoy Restoranas Medininkai during the summer months when al fresco diners are treated to stunning views of hot air balloons. Top menu items include the cheese platter, beetroot salad, pumpkin soup, and chicken Kiev.

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Lokys Restaurant

Restaurant, Lithuanian, $$$
Lokys, Vilnius
Lokys, Vilnius | © Elizabeth Georgian

Surround yourself with old-world Vilnius at Lokys Restaurant. The restaurant’s 15th-century merchant building reflects the menu’s offerings. Choose from dishes created from hunted and foraged ingredients such as hunters’ hodgepodge soup, boletus (a type of mushroom) soup with pumpkin oil, roast boar, quail with pear and cowberry sauce, and beaver stew. A small selection of vegetarian options are also available on the menu.

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Ertlio Namas

Restaurant, Northern European, Lithuanian, $$$
Ertlio Namas, Vilnius
Ertlio Namas, Vilnius | © Ertlio Namas

Ertlio Namas serves historic Lithuanian cuisine using old recipes, but with a modern twist to their cooking methods. With a set menu of either a four or six-course tasting dinner, Ertlio Namas aims to create a memorable meal that takes you on a journey through Lithuania’s history. Though the menu changes frequently, you may find zander with parsnips and saffron, deer tenderloin with sweet chestnuts, and honey cake with bilberries and almonds on the menu. Ertlio Namas is a perfect option for someone looking for a fancy meal out to enjoy adventurous menu items.

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Aline Leiciai

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The pub Leičiai, Vilnius
The pub Leičiai, Vilnius | © inspector_81/Flickr

With exposed brick walls and sloped ceilings, Aline Leiciai creates a cozy ambience to enjoy a romantic, yet casual meal. If you’d like to try the famous Lithuanian mead, Aline Leiciai has a large selection and also offers a mead tasting option. On the menu, you’ll find homemade bread, Lithuanian cheeses, really delicious soups, salads, and hearty meat dishes.

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Poniu Laime

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Poniu Laime, Vilnius
Poniu Laime, Vilnius | © Elizabeth Georgian

Open for lunch, Poniu Laime offers quick, hearty Lithuanian fare in a cafeteria-style setting. Select from a wide range of dishes on offer, including soups, cooked meat, Lithuanian pancakes, and potato dishes. The place offers a great selection of baked goods and particularly good sweet treats.

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