The 7 Best Resort Towns in Lithuania

Druskininkai | © Mantas Volungevicius/Flickr
Druskininkai | © Mantas Volungevicius/Flickr
Photo of Kasparas Asmonaitis
16 September 2017

Lithuania is a wonderful country with stunning nature, sandy beaches, exuberant forests, untouched national parks and crystal-clear lakes. To experience even more of Lithuania’s beauty, you must visit the resort towns, which are in the some of the more breath-taking locations.


Nida is in Curonian Spit National Park, near the Baltic Sea. The beaches are some of the most beautiful in Lithuania, and there are many forest roads close by for those who enjoy long walks in fresh air. Moreover, the hotels in Nida are top notch, the restaurants serve delicious meals, and the bars are open until dawn.

Nida, Lithuania


Druskininkai, among the most popular resort towns in Lithuania, is full of wonderful spas where you can relax and forget all the problems in the world. Located in South Lithuania, Druskininkai is surrounded by woods, which provide fresh air, a relaxing atmosphere and the only indoor snow arena in the country, so if you love winter sports, make sure to bring your equipment!

Druskininkai, Lithuania


Birštonas is best-known for its mineral waters, which are said to have healing powers. There are five huge spas, where people come to relax and have treatments. The area next to Kaunas is extremely beautiful, and you can also visit the spots where mineral water is produced.

Birštonas, Lithuania

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Trakai is a small resort town about a 30-minute drive from Vilnius. It is among the most popular tourist destinations in Lithuania due to of the majestic Trakai Castle, which sits in the middle of the lake and looks straight out of a fairy tale book. Trakai is also popular for its unique cuisine, including kibinai, the traditional Karaimian food. During the hot season, Trakai is a popular wedding destination.

Trakai, Lithuania


Rumšiškės is a very small town next to Kaunas and is a must-visit if you want to experience Lithuanian folk culture. Visitors can walk around the Open-Air Museum of Lithuania, where they will experience traditional Lithuanian culture, including folk dances, songs and clothes. Every summer, the city hosts Granatos Live, a huge music festival that mixes old traditions with pop culture.

Rumšiškės, Lithuania

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Kernavė Archeological Site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its cultural importance to the country. Kernavė was the first capital of Lithuania, and its history dates back to the times of dukes and knights. The five magical mounds of Kernavė attract many tourists every year, but especially during midsummer day, when locals organise traditional celebrations and festivals.

Kernavė, Lithuania


Anykščiai is in a wonderful area surrounded by forests and lakes, so it is no wonder that it has become one of the most popular resort towns in Lithuania. Apart from classic spa treatments, visitors can hike the Treetop Walking Path, which, as the name suggests, takes you above the trees for one-of-a-kind views of the majestic Anykščiai nature.

Anykščiai, Lithuania